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10 Movie Sequels That Are Better Than The Original

| September 5, 2016 | Reply

There are plenty of good movies being made, but just sometimes the sequels that Hollywood make are better than the originals.  Here are 10 of movie sequels that are better than the original :

Independence Day II

Released in 2016, 20 years after the original, Independence Day II is way better then the original, as a line in the movie goes, its bigger then the first. Some of the original actors reprise their roles, with Jeff Goldblum and Bill Paxton taking on their original roles, and there are plenty of new young actors in the mix as well.  There are also bigger aliens and bigger ships.

Independence Day II

Rambo II

We have to admit, that Rambo – First Blood, is an amazing movie, and introduces us to the iconic character John Rambo.  But Rambo First Blood Part II just kicks it up a notch.

Its really the first movie that Sly Stallone is really ripped, and as John Rambo he just takes out the Russian and Vietnamese  army with a bow and arrow, its a guilty pleasure.

Lethal Weapon II

Back before Mel Gibson went nuts, he actually made some pretty decent movies.  The Lethal Weapon movies, brought us a classic buddy cop movies with Danny Glover playing the straight cop to Mel Gibson’s crazy ex Vet cop.

I think its the wise cracking, mixed in with action that does it for me, but for a sequel it beats the original hands down.

X-men II

The first X-men movie was the first real superhero movie that appealed to a wider audience.  Again the secondX-Men movie took it further.  The opening scene with the Night crawler attacking the US President in the White house is still awesome.

The Incredible Hulk

OK so this one isn’t technically a sequel to the Hulk (Ang Lee’s version), but it rates.  With Edward Norton in the lead as Bruce Banner, it offers the best version of the Hulk on the big screen, it’s also cool to see the Hulk go toe to toe with the Abomination.

We also need to make our feelings felt, Mark Ruffalo sucks as both the Hulk and Bruce Banner.

Thor II

The first Thor movie was a little bland, it had a few good things but overall it was boring, it was a  over played spoilt brat with daddy issues.    Now the Thor II really was Marvel hitting there stride.  With Chris Hemsworth well in-truly owning the role.

Godfather II

This is less a sequel and more a further telling of the Mario Puzo classic “The Godfather“.  In all manners its a classic, and who can forget Freddo sleeping with the fishes.

Terminator II

With out a doubt Terminator II , show cases  Arnold Schwarzenegger at his prime, and it really was 90’s action at it’s best.

Superman II

Superman IIintroduces us to General ZOD, the first time of the silver screen.  It also had us belive that a man could fly.

Ride Along II

Kevin Hart can be a little hard to take sometimes, for a small tiny guy he can be really loud.  But mix him with ICE Cube’s deadpan expressions and you have a pretty good action comedy.

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