10 Tricks to turn you into a Kitchen Maestro and save you time

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IFlash in the panf you are serious about wanting to impress a date, then cook her a meal at home.  Just picture it, mood lighting, smooth jazz playing, a nice bottle of wine, and all you can cook is a tin of tuna.  Learn 10 tricks to turn you into a kitchen expect.  Apart from impressing they will save you time when you cook:

  • A stainless steel knife is your workhorse for 90 per cent of your chopping chores, but a blunt blade will really slow you down. Use a sharpening steel to keep it sharp so you can slice and dice with speedy precision. Also invest in a good pair of kitchen scissors to snip fresh chilli and herbs directly into the pan.
  • Want to make mash in a flash ? Peeling and cutting one or two large spuds is quicker than preparing four or five smaller ones – The same logic applies for other veggies, too. For a smoother peel, trim potatoes at both ends and then go from the middle to each end, working around.
  • Eliminate mess by spreading a coupe of sheets of newspaper onto your kitchen table or bench. Peel all your vegetables into the paper, then wrap up the debris and slam-dunk into the bin.
  • Make light work of peeling garlic by putting the flat slide of a large knife over a clove and squashing down on it with heel of your hand. When the garlic clove cracks, you’ll be able to whip of the skin with ease.
  • When frying onions, hold back on the sale until they’re nicely browned. If you add the salt too soon it will slow down the caramelisation process.
  • Plump for a bigger mixing bowl then you think you need to that you can combine ingredients quickly with out them overflowing. Haven’t been to many Tupperware parties lately ?
  • Make sure your meat cooks quickly and evenly by bringing it to room temperature before it gets near the stove. Leaving it on a plate on the counter for 10 minutes will do the trick.
  • Need to peel tomatoes for a salsa or sauce? Rub them all over with the back of a knife and the skin should side of easily. Alternatively drop in a pot of boiling water for 15 seconds, drain and then slip off the skins under cold running water.
  • If you need to separate an egg in a hurry, grab hold of a small funnel and stick it in a container. The runny egg white slips straight through, while the more solid yolk will stay sitting up top.
  • Cooking seafood or garlic can leave you with a lingering stick in the kitchen. Neutralise the odour before your guest arrive by heating four cups of water in a saucepan. Drop in two or three cinnamon sticks and the smell will vanish before your very nostrils.

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