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Without a doubt Barbecuing is a whole cooking discipline in its own.  It doesn’t matter if its gas or charcoal grilling there is a huge amount of ways, tip , tricks and tools that you can use.  Over the last few weeks, the Kiwi housemate and I have been looking for any opportunity to add to the charcoal grill, we bought for the house.

We’ve tried all types of meats, we tried charcoal instead of briquettes, a chimney starter, a bbq set, a decent knife set, a saucepan, and now we have a Ichef Bluetooth meat thermometer

Always wanting to improve the sublime art of cooking over fire, we went to town playing with the Ichef.

Firstly the good

  • It is pretty robust, considering its being stuck into meat and being baked at 200c or higher temperatures.
  • It is really accurate – its now been used twice, and its seems to be right on point with its internal meat temperature.
  • Its well priced -I got mine at BBQgalores store, for $49.95 for what it is, it works well.
  • Pre-programmed temps – this is a great feature, when you pair it to the app on your phone.
  • The unit has some nifty little magnets on the back, which stick to the metal on the barbecue

Now the bad

  • The Bluetooth distance it works at is very short, so far I have it tracked at about 5 meters, which sort of defeats the point.  You could walk the extra 5 meters, and look at the main screen display.

Over all

I like the unit, but the short distance you seem to get with Bluetooth really takes away from it.  You can buy a cheaper unit just as good. I am looking to upgrade in the next few months to a WiFi model.  I want to be able to throw a roast onto the charcoal grill and go down the street and check on the temperature.

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