Why I want to Trade her for a goat and two chickens

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Goats and Chickens

Goats and Chickens

There is no doubt that navigating the dating scene is hard work, with the birth of the internet, its never been easier to meet new people. All you have to do is put up a decent photo, write a have decent paragraph or two. Meet up, go for coffee, not come of like a crazy man, then start dating.

Well peoples, been there done that. But what happens when you meet a great potential partner, go traveling to Asia. and find out that she’s crazy as bat shit ?

Well, you can always Trade her for a goat and two chickens.

That is an Actual True story, sad but true… . A conversation I had with a village elder in Vietnam

Village elder ” Trade is good”

ME ” REally a Goat and Two Chickens is a good trade “

Village elder ” Your girl is crazy, only worth Goat, but give you two chickens as well “

Me ” Well, that seems reasonable “

There are many reasons, oh and some my own fault to, but at the end of it, man high maintenance girls just give me the shits.

Now here’s why

She judges you at every turn

She thinks she rises above you.

Basically she’s a narcissist

Hey, we all need to date, but learn to be picky. Understand that sometimes trading them for something else can be a really temping idea. You just never really know now do you.

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