4 Ways to Beat the Long Hitter

Golf Long Hitter

There is nothing worse when you are playing golf.  And you golf buddy can drive it 300 plus yards true.  Beating a long hitter is possible.  This article is about how to beat the golfer that bombs the ball 300 plus yards.

Hit it straight

Nothing gets inside a long hitter’s head faster than an accurate fairway hitting opponent.

Chances are the long hitter is not the most accurate driver of the golf ball, however, keep the heat on the opponent by hitting the fairway as much as possible.

If you have to use a hybrid club or an iron off the tee to keep the ball in the fairway, the mental edge of hitting the fairway outweighs the loss of distance.

Hit the green

Most, if not all of the time you will be hitting first, keep the heat on by hitting the green If he knows you are looking at birdie putts all day, it starts to wear on him

Have a good short game

The short game is the true equalizer on the golf course. If you have a sharp short game you can compete against any golfer on the planet.

4. Ignore his distance

Accept the fact he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you. If you accept the fact that distance doesn’t matter, you will have another psychological advantage.

What difference does it make if he is hitting a pitching wedge and you are hitting a 7 iron for your second shot?

Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes, not how you got the ball there.

When you are playing a match against a long hitter, the fact remains that when you are in the golf course, you are walking (or riding) with a bag of tools.

So It is a simple matter of selecting the right tool for the job at hand. Does it really matter what club it takes you to hit a golf ball 150 yards?

Whether it’s a 6, 7,8 or 9 iron should not matter to you, and your opponents, as club selection should be the last thing from your mind during a match.

Technology helps the short hitter

With the technology available for golf clubs, golf balls, combined with strength training and nutrition, many golfers are hitting the balls 300 plus yards on a regular basis.

The pride of the long hitter’s game is his capability of hitting it a long distance.

So the fact that you can compete with him without having to hit the 300-yard drives.  Is already an advantage in your favour if you choose to look at it that way.

As a short hitter, you should focus on keeping the pressure on as much as possible.

The four steps that I have outlined will give you the mental edge that you need to negate the long drives that your opponent is blasting past you.

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