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5 More Reasons Not To Drink

OK, if the last article about 7 more reasons not to drink to excess or the first 8 reasons not to drink to excess.  We have the next 5 reasons that you should not drink to excess.

Reason 1

Drunk 8


Reason 2

Drunk 9


Reason 3

Drunk 19


Reason 4

Drunk 10


Reason 5

Drunk 20


There are so many things we could tell you. But here are the rules…

  1.  Do not drink enough so you pass out.
  2. If you want to drink that much, don’t do it with friends, like the ones up above.
  3. Never let a drink, drink you.

Drinking to excess is just plain dumb, you are not cool, and you look like a massive dickhead when rotten drunk.

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