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5 Ways To Have a Perfect First Date

Perfect first date

Hey if your single and out there on the dating scene, it can be a little daunting trying to come up with the perfect first date.

Lots of blokes tend to go with cliched first date ideas, you know the standard dinner and movie.

Guys, it’s boring and kind of been done before.  A first date is all about getting to know each other and hopefully getting a second date.

We wanted to share five ideas for a kick-arse first date.

5 First Date Ideas That Are Perfect

Whatever date you plan to go on, make sure you communicate first.  I failed badly when I took a date to my favourite Japanese restaurant, ordered sushi.  Only to find out she hated sushi.

So take your time, and think about these 5 first date ideas.

Laser Tag / Paintball

Yes, laser tag, any fans of How I met Your Mother would know, it’s fun, its exercise, its action. It’s guaranteed to get a few laughs and its awesome.

Paintball is a close second, a little more likely to get a few shrieks, make sure you and your date wear the right protective equipment.  You want to have fun, not end it with a trip to the hospital.

Cooking Class

Pick a cooking class, maybe a Japanese Tepanyaki class or something that you both want to try, and go with your date.  It’s a great interactive way to get to know each other.

There will be other people in the class as well that you can talk to, so it’s not so hard to keep your conversation flowing.

The great thing is you also get to eat the food you’ve cooked.  Quick tip make sure your date is not Vegan or allergic to anything that you might be cooking.

Dance Glass

Ok, this one needs a little bit of thought if you have two left feet. But a salsa or ballroom dancing class can be lots of fun, and lots of laughs.

It’s great to work up a sweat.  You can always offer to buy a cold drink afterwards and keep the good vibes going.


Bowling is an old-school date idea with can have a great casual vibe.  It can be a bit of casual fun competition and while having a cold beer.

It’s a low-stress fun environment, that should have your date feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Waiting on the First Date

Play Tourist

Most people don’t know what their hometown has to offer, there might be plenty of tourists visiting your city every year on holiday.

Try visiting your local tourist centre, and finding out what your great city has to offer.  The tourist centre will have guides and information on everything from events and sights worth seeing to festivals and live events.

So the idea is to take your date on a tourist excursion around your hometown.  Can be lots of fun seeing where you live to form a different perspective.

The Wash Up

Just remember that when you are on a first date, you want to be able to talk and have a conversation, but you also want to make sure that your not under pressure to talk incessantly.

Keep in mind that not every date will be the right date for every type of girl. So as we said above make sure you communicate first.

If your thinking something outdoors like a paintball match, just make sure she’s the type that enjoys being outdoors.

You don’t want to take a Vegetarian to a BBQ cooking class.  Think about her interests and her personality before you decide which date to try.

Planning a first date so its perfect doesn’t need to be expensive or go overboard.  Just take some of the above ideas and run with it.  You might just get a second date.

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