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6 Must See TV Shows

TV shows

With so many amazing must-see TV shows that you can watch. Here are 6 of the best that we as blokes recommend for any time from a lazy Sunday to sharing some laughs with a girlfriend:

1. The Big Bang Theory

One of the best comedies on TV right now follows the life of 4 nerds, dating, working and trying to get through life without wedgies.  As well, let’s face facts, you get to see Kaley Cuoco bouncing around looking all sorts of hot with the nerds.

The big Bang Theroy

2. Two and a Half Men

No longer on TV, but for the first 7 seasons was fantastic with Charlie Sheen right before he went off his rocker. Forget about the rest of the seasons it was a waste of time with Ashton Kutcher.Two and a Half men


3. Suits

A fast-paced legal-based TV show and Harvey Specter is an iconic alpha male, think modern Mad Men.  It works well with witty and fast dialogue.


Also, fun to watch a young Megan Markle before she went royal.

4. The Walking Dead

A show about the end of the world with Zombies.  But it’s less about the zombies and the end of the world, and more about how we all interact with each other in the worst of times.

The walking dead

5. Fear the Walking Dead

For the fans of The Walking Dead, this show shows how the start of the fall of civilization started.

6. Breaking Bad

A show about a chemistry teacher getting cancer and how he will provide for his family by cooking Crystal Meth.  One of TV’s most interesting characters Walter White.

must see tvIf you love Bryan Cranston, you might also like his latest TV show, Your Honour.

There they are 6 of the best must-see TV shows, tell us what you think.

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