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7 Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

improve golf game

golf-swingIt’s when you start to play golf that you learn fastest, so if you’re thinking you have bad golfing habits, you most likely learned them when you first took up golf. But the good news is that anyone can break bad habits and learn good ones.

Here are a couple of tips to help you on your way to playing better golf:

7 ways to improve your golf game

1. Your aim is vitally important.

If you can’t send the ball in the right direction you will never get it in any of the holes. The clubface is the only thing that propels the ball, so line up the clubface with the target first, then take your stance with your shoulders parallel to the target line.

2. Always aim away from potential problems.

Tee the ball on the side where the problem is. This will help to keep the ball in play and avoid penalties.

3. Bad wrist action equals a bad shot in 90 per cent of cases.

Keep the left wrist flat in relation to the back of the left forearm and the back of the left hand, and don’t swing the club back farther than shoulder turn.

4. Read the green properly.

A golf ball will generally roll away from a hill and towards a water source. So, keep this in mind and adjust as necessary.

5. The grain of the green is important too as it affects the roll.

Shiny grass shows the grain running away from you, and dull grass highlights the grain running towards you. Putts with the grain go faster and further. Those against the grain go slower and less far.

6. Your shoulders should follow your swing.

They should be passive and not lead. Remember that your shoulder movement will determine the direction that your club, and therefore the ball, will travel.

7. Place the golf ball on the ground.

Take your stance in such a way that the shadow of your head covers the ball. Make your swing keeping your eyes on the shadow. If the shadow moves off the ball you have lost the proper swing centre.

If you keep the shadow on the ball, even though it moves a little, you have maintained the correct swing position.

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