7 TV Shows Every Man Should Watch

TV Shows

There are some amazing TV shows, and no we are not talking about the latest season of X-Factor.  We are talking about TV  shows that are made to entertain.

Here are our top 7 TV shows that every man should watch at least once :

The Big Bang Theory

Without a doubt one of the best comedies on TV right now.  Up to the 10th Season, The Big Bang Theory, it’s a show about 4 nerds making their way through life.

Big bang theory


A slick legal show, giving us Harvey Reginald Specter, one of the coolest cats on TV.

At the centre of the show is Mike Ross an equally brilliant protege who Harvey hires to be his legal associate, despite the fact that Mike was dealing drugs when the two met and has never been to law school.


Marvels – Daredevil

With the latest Hollywood trend for Superhero movies, it wasn’t too long before Marvel wanted to conquer TV.

Netflix went on to make several in the series of street-level hero’s, such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and up and coming Iron Fist.

But the first and best was Daredevil, a show giving us Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer fighting crime during the day, and as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen at night.

TV Shows to watch

Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels is set in the late 1800s, its a TV show that is based around the establishment of the Railroad across the USA.  It is very much wild frontier, rough men, loose women, and some good fun.

Hell on wheels


Ash V’s Evil Dead

If you have ever seen any of the Evil Dead[ ovies, you would be familiar with ASH, and his fight against the undead.

It’s full of blood, gore and humour.  It’s a guilty pleasure.

Ash V Evil dead

The Flash

Not to be confused with the 90 version. The Flash is one of the best TV shows currently on TV.  A show about a Scientist that gets hit by lighting and gets given super speed.

The Flash

Bar Rescue

We are not fans of reality TV.  but Bar Rescue does make the cut.

Very much in the vein of Gordon Ramsey, it showcases bar’s that have been run into the ground, and Jon Taffer that sets them on the right track to success.

Bar rescue

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