A Fly Fishing Introduction

fly fishing introduction

When done right Fly Fishing is an angling method that aims to catch fish using artificial flies. Traditionally, salmon and trout are the types of fish caught using this method.

But in recent times, a wide variety of fish have been added to the list like pike, carp and striped bass.

Fly Fishing

As an angling method, fly fishing differs from other methods in its technique for casting. Other methods rely on the weight of the lure to pull the line.

But in fly fishing, the line is cast rather than the lure since the lures used in this method are too light to be cast.

Casting in fly fishing can be compared to the way a whip unfurls when it is being cracked. It is said that a good angler can unfurl his/her line even before he/she does the return motion when casting.

This angling method has been around as early as 200 AD. It was first mentioned in a book entitled Natural History, written by a Roman author named Aelian.

One chapter of his book mentioned in passing the Macedonians’ way of catching their fish. It talked about how they tried to lure fish using imitation flies that they made themselves.

Based on Aelian’s description.  The methods that they used are closely similar to the methods and purpose of the modern-day fly fisher in catching fish.

While it has been around for two millennia.  Fly fishing remains a relevant and exciting method of angling until this day and will remain so in generations to come.

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