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11 At Home Date Ideas That Will Impress and Save Money

home date ideas

While most people will equate a nice date to one that costs a lot of money, sometimes cheap dating ideas at home bring greater rewards.

Whatever role a person plays in coupledom, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit and try some at home date ideas.

at home date ideas

Although there are many logical reasons for cutting back on expenditure, here are some factors working adults may not think about:

  • A person’s job status can change at any moment
  • Credit card payments can cripple an individual’s finances
  • It’s nice to have some money saved for large purchases
  • The cost adds up at the end of the year

Try these At Home Date Ideas to Save Money

These very real situations can happen to anyone, regardless of income or position in an industry. Although some like the idea of “balling”, being thrifty can be just as hip.

Factually speaking, cheap dating ideas at home is a smart move if someone is dating casually or has existing debt, like a student loan.

Below, are 11 at home date ideas that anyone can try when they want to give their credit card or gas budget a rest.

Dating Anniversary or Special Moment

One of the most popular cheap idea dating ideas at home is celebrating the day you met or realized that person was the one. Even little moments, like when you bought a pet together or met the family, are good at home date ideas.

Sometimes, what brings two people together might be an event, object, or a single thought expressed in casual conversation. Other at home date ideas may include wearing t-shirts from the concert where you met or creating a theme around a shared interest that relates to a celebration.

Dating Backyard Dinners

Some apartment or condo dwellers may have a balcony or outdoor patio space that may be underutilized. Showing off grilling skills or breaking out that turkey fryer are also good at home date ideas.

Adding table and seat covers, along with a few candles can make the moment more special than a simple cookout. To better enjoy dating at home outdoors, make sure to keep some citronella candles nearby to ward off unwanted critters.

Collaborate on a Love Story Project

This is one of the most recommended cheap dating ideas at home for creative couples who appreciate visual media. You can create a blog, e-book, slide presentation, or streaming video based on how the two of you came together.

Depending on the couple, the tone can be funny or serious, as the latter can be an inspiration to others. Also, the chosen tone should be a true reflection of how both parties feel or what they deal with on a regular basis.

Cooking at Home

Just remember that real men cook.  So collaborative cooking is of the most popular at home date ideas and also helps strengthen communication.

Where one person may be a good cook, the other can learn through prep and observation. With good instruction, they may learn how to cook well on their own.

Individuals looking to improve their culinary expertise may find gaining hands-on experience with someone they know is better than taking a class.

If both are cooking challenged, a good suggestion would be to buy a book targeted to beginners and experiment with different recipes. This alternative to dining out is one of the most utilized cheap dating ideas at home.

Fine Dining Date

If someone is experienced in upscale restaurant meals or knows a source that delivers Haute cuisine, this is one of the cheap dating ideas that costs a lot less than dining out.

While it may take effort to create an ambiance similar to a fine dining establishment, this still costs a lot less. Figure the cost of travel, valet, and tipping. These at home date ideas are a unique way to celebrate an engagement, new opportunity, or promotion.

fine dating date

Personal Massage at Home

Learning basic techniques or hiring a recent vocational school graduate are good ways to enjoy dating at home. It costs less than visiting a day spa and if someone wants to go to sleep afterward they can.

To get the most of these kinds of at home date ideas, it helps to read up on the use of oils and other tools made for deep tissue or Shiatsu massage sessions.

Home Date Movie Marathon

Do you both love the storytelling of Quentin Tarantino, are Star Wars fanatics, or did you meet at a Trekkie convention?

If you’ve seen every movie you have in common, binging on original works from streaming channels is one of many unique at home date ideas.

Also, don’t forget that libraries have series collections of old TV shows, black and white movies, or hard-to-find titles.

Playing Outdoor Games on a Date

This doesn’t have to equal an intense workout but ideal if a couple resides in a warm-weather state like California. Sunny weather can inspire many at home date ideas, like playing sports in the backyard.

Gigantic versions of board games, ping pong, or even Twister are fun at home date ideas. If no one has a backyard, smaller board games can be played while sitting on steps or large common area inside an apartment building.

Culture-Themed Dinner Date

Feel like traveling without a passport? Popular at home date ideas transport your date to the shores of the Carribean or ancient ruins without setting foot outside of your home.

If cooking is out of the question, find an authentic restaurant that delivers and pair it with a complementary beverage or dessert. Just make sure you’re not serving saki with ackee fish or panna cotta.

If uncertain, visit an international cooking or a travel site to get more ideas about local meals. Even if you’re not 100% authentic, you and your companion can still enjoy dating at home.

Wine Tasting at Home

This is one of those at home date ideas where you can break out with your favorite playlist (or create one together) and some finger foods from the closest gourmet supermarket.

You may have a favorite brand or may have a ganay or petite Sirah you’d like to try and share.

If a person wants the real tasting experience, they may want to combine at home date ideas like having an outdoor picnic in the back yard or sharing cooking ideas.

Listen to a Mystery or Suspense Audiobook

Perfect for cool nights where the two of you can snuggle under a warm blanket with hot chocolate nearby. Save electricity and rest the eyes by not watching a screen but lit candles always set the mood for at home date ideas.

Arts and Crafts for a Creative Home Date

The great thing about making things is there’s a project for every skill level. Those who enjoy dating at home may find this to be calming. Many simple projects can be completed in less than half an hour.

Even if a person has butterfingers, they can easily make a bracelet or necklace using a jewelry kit.

Whether a person is looking for someone to spend a lifetime with or simply mingle for the moment, using these cheap dating ideas at home is good for many reasons.

Easy and cheap at home date ideas can be used to filter the companion’s real intentions or find out who they really are inside. Many are taught to remain polite or engaging while on a date, so being in a humble environment can loosen things a bit.

A lot of people enjoy dating at home because there’s no pressure to get dressed up, deal with traffic and the expenses that often come with dating.

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