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5 Best Golf Accessories you Need to Have

best golf accessories

There is nothing better than getting a few friends together and hitting the green. We’ve covered of being fit and improving your golf game.  But what about the best golf accessories to have when you play.

With the right Golf accessories, you can take your golf game in a completely different direction.

5 Best Golf accessories that will improve your game

Here is a quick check-list of the best golf accessories that are must-haves. See if you have them in your golf cart, and if you don’t, put them right on top of your shopping list for golf accessories to have.

They also make great gifts if you have family and friends that are into golf..

Golfing Glasses

For rookies who keep losing their balls or golfers who cannot keep track of the balls they have hit, this is a god-send. People buy different types and brands of glasses that can keep the golf ball outlined against the grass.

These glasses remove light emitting from non-ball objects so that the only visible object in your line of vision is the errant ball.

Putting Greens

Putting greens that throw balls your way and provide inputs on your strokes are must-haves with serious golfers.

This is where pros will also invest a bit of money.  This allows them to practice every day, often, twice a day.  You can get them off Amazon pretty cheaply.

They also prefer using the same putter and same balls that they might use on the golfing green for better control.

Pros also watch other pros putting and swinging, which really helps with watching for your own errors.

So feel free to rent, buy, download, or borrow instructional DVDs, even get on Youtube for golf videos.  If you watch other pros then it might help you develop better swings which might help shave a few critical points off your total score.

Golf Tees

You may have thought that tees have become as sophisticated as possible but a new version is out these days.

This tee comes with a top surface that is made from a brush-like material. This prevents the tee from being ripped out or damaged because your club merely brushes past it instead of impacting it hard.


The hi-tech golfers all use the scorekeeper which looks a bit like the GameBoy but it keeps score and does all the mathematical calculations for them.


How about a golf wristwatch that displays your handicap? And ever thought about re-using your golf balls by cleaning them professionally with a golf ball cleaner?

Sneaky ways Weight Golf Accessories can help your handicap

Many pros will attach golf weights to the ends of their clubs. Then they practice their slow swings with the additional weights. This offers 3 distinct benefits –


They can quickly develop the correct set of muscles due to the additional resistance of the weights on the golf club.


The extra weights add some zing to their regular golf fitness training and help in boosting motivation levels. This, in turn, allows the pros to come to the greens and practice regularly, without fail.


It allows them to use the lighter clubs with greater power and accuracy so that their long shots cover a respectable distance with unerring precision.

Is your head already spinning and your mouth drooling? Well, keep drooling because there are probably more sophisticated golf accessories to have to hit the market even as you read this article.

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