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5 Tips For Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses

best golf sunglasses

One piece of equipment that is often overlooked by golfers is the right pair of sunglasses suitable for golf.  Finding the best golf sunglasses for you is very important for ensuring optimal vision, achieving your top game as well as protecting your eyes while out in the sun.

best golf sunglasses

How to choose the best golf sunglasses

We love to get out on the golf course as often as we can.  It’s a good day out with a few mates.  One of the things that we worked out pretty quickly was a decent set of sunglasses helped.  Not only our game but really helped protect our eyes.

We wanted to share the top five things we found when trying to choose the best golf sunglasses.


The most important factor in choosing the best sunglasses when you play is determining how much of the sun’s harmful UV rays that they block out. Ideally, the best sunglasses will block out 100% of the UV rays without limiting your vision.

Most manufactures will rate how much UV rays they block with a nanometre chart. The higher the nanometre rating the better.


The second most crucial factor in choosing the best sunglasses for golf is the weight. Having a bulky pair of sunglasses may cause them to shift too much or even fall off when swinging a club, completely distracting your focus.

These days there is an abundance of sunglasses, that you can use for golf made out of technologically advanced lightweight materials. The best sunglasses should be so light you barely notice them on your face.


This factor may be at the top of the list for some golfers in choosing the best sunglasses for them. After all, impressing the drink cart girls with your sense of style may be pretty important to some.

Some guys can pull off just about any look, but when shopping for the best sunglasses for golf try on different models to make sure you choose a style that works for you.

Select the style of frame that suits the shape of your face, as well as choosing one that will give you the protection required from the sun’s harmful rays.


Although some golfers spend enough money to feed a small village on equipment, obtaining the best golf sunglasses for you doesn’t have to break the bank. Surprisingly, some of the glasses we’ve come across are quite economically priced.

Where to buy the best golf sunglasses

There is a chance that golfing sunglasses may be overpriced at a country club supply store, however, any reputable sunglass outlet will have some suitable sunglasses.

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