Blokes guide to Dating Rule # 54 – She’s going to be crazy… get used to it.


As men, we just aren’t that far ahead of our caveman ancestors.  Sure we still think trying to eat like a caveman is some new modern thing we just stumbled across, just like trying to date.

As blokes, trying to date these days, is a lot like feeling you’re running the gauntlet of fishing for dinner.  That’s if dinner was a school of piranhas.

Dating rules for blokes

One of the most simple dating rules to remember if your going to date is that Men are from Mars, Women are from a planet far far away…

Yes, we are both carbon-based life forms, but that is about as similar as we are.  Women are different, women are crazy, women will want you to do things that you just don’t want to.  So get used to it.

If you want to be successful at dating.  be prepared to put yourself out there more. Try thinking of it like this…  They can teach a monkey to go to space, you can be taught to date.

dating rules

Yes Women are Crazy

I’m going to drop a knowledge bomb on you.  women are crazy

Yep, there is no way around it.  As a bloke you want to bring your A-game, just expect that your date, could be playing scrabble if you’re playing monopoly.  I really want to tell you that things could be different, but I’d be lying.

As a tip for women, men are men, let us be men.  You be women, we are men.

And no I’m not saying caveman, beating on his chest.  But it’s OK for men to be different, it’s OK to like drinking scotch neat if she’s drinking an appletini.

It’s ok to want to see the latest action movie, but yes she will prefer the latest Sandra bullock snooze fest.

Just celebrate your difference, don’t be a pussy, take charge of it at some stage.  Take her for a paddleboard session, take her to an outdoor movie, plan a Sex in the city marathon (maybe with margarita chasers)

The one secret to a bloke dating, is a man, stop being a weak pussy. Take it down 3 notches from caveman chest-beating. let it be natural.

Enjoy her, enjoy yourself as a man. Go climb K2, ride a bike down a sand dune, drink a martini, you get what I’m saying.

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