Breaking News – Women Don’t Need Men

Strong women

I recently read an interesting article titled Single, smart, over 40 – and frustrated.  Basically, the article was about women over 40 that couldn’t find a decent man, and that part of the problem was that men didn’t want independent women.

And my favourite part of that article was :

“We’re looking for guys because we want to have them in our lives, not because we need to have them,” she said. “But there are a lot of guys who want to feel needed. And they’re the guys that we won’t possibly attract.”

Real women don’t need men

Firstly yes men want to feel needed.  Men actually want to be with a girl that values them firstly as men, then as partners.

Hate to be the one to tell you this but its part of our DNA, Men do not want women that try to out drink them or outman them.

No that isn’t a Neanderthal thought, its the truth.  Women do you self a favour and try being a woman, let a man do things for you. even simple things like opening a door for you, or pulling a chair out for you.

Guess what, it is modern times, men don’t want to have to financially support the woman.  It is nice that women have their own career and money.

Also with the cost of living these days. We are flat out paying for ourselves.

Now men don’t feel emancipated if a woman offers to pick up the check.

If you want a partner in your life, act like it.

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