Dates From Hell

Dates From Hell

We’ve all had being on dates from hell.  This dating story was sent in by one of our readers it was too good to not share :

Dates from Hell and how it goes wrong so quickly

I have been on a hell of a lot of dates, some ended well, others well not so well.  This is the story of one that went not so well.

I had been working in an industry, where you get to meet a lot of really attractive office workers.  (Benefits of being in sales I guess).

Working in a small industry in a large town, you got to know the suppliers well, and sometimes their customers were also yours.

I had been invited out for a dinner, by one of my suppliers, when I asked who else was going.  There were 2 customers from my industry, and 3 customers from another.

It just so happened, one of the 3 customers, was a customer of mine, and one of their office workers was a smoking hot 20 something year old.

The supplier who asked us all out told me that he had also invited the secretary that he knew I was sweet on, as my date for the night, as others were bringing their partners.

The date starts to heat up

The start of the night was fantastic, we had numerous bottles of wines, numerous platters of food, and a lot of laughs.

Dates from hell

As the night progressed I got myself close to the secretary and made her my focus of attention, now she was seemingly receptive of it, but the dinner was quickly coming to an end.

I was quick thinking and asked who wanted to kick on to the clubs, 6 or 7 said yes, including the office worker.

I thought great I am in with a chance.  As we went through the clubs, she got closer and closer to me, and our crowd was thinning more and more.

It ended up just 3 left, the supplier and the secretary with me.  We made it to the outside of the night club, I had the secretary whispering in my ear, what she was planning to do to me when she took me home.

As we were waiting around outside the club, I and the supplier both noticed what appeared to be a passed out drunk man laying down on bus stop bench on his back, with a 20 dollar bill showing in his hands.

Where the date goes wrong

We both looked at each other and turned away.

Now the young office worked had noticed what we had both looked.   She squealed in delight she made her way towards the drunken man.

Both I and the supplier yelled “Wait don’t do it “at the same time.

It was to-late she had reached out and grabbed the $20 bill.  As she did, the drunk man sat bolt upright, 2 cops cars came screaming around the corner.  She was in handcuffs and in the back of the paddy wagon.

Apparently, there had been a spare of muggings after hours at that club.  The police were trying to catch the bad guys in the act.

Now, after a night of promise, turned into a night alone in bed. Where eating a tub of ice cream and watching bad porn was an option.

The girl spent the night in the lock-up, released the next day.  Ended up with a court appearance, and I had to write a witness and character statement for her.

Needless to say, I never saw her again. – When dating goes wrong

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