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Enjoying The Single Life

Single life

Have you encountered a friend who constantly whines about being single?  They beg you for setups, spend every minute being bored at home and complain about the lack of quality in the dating scene.  You know they aren’t enjoying the single life!

You may wonder what on earth this friend could be talking about. After all, isn’t the single life meant to be glamorous, enjoyable and stress-free?

You may have also encountered a friend on the other side of the spectrum. They travel around the world, never seem to be home for more than a couple of minutes and are the first to hit the hottest new club in town.

Now ask yourself, which one of these friends appears to live a more attractive life? If you are someone who laments the single status, it is time to take a look at a few points and change your attitude.

Enjoying The Single Life

How to Start Enjoying The Single Life

Tip#1 You are Not Alone

That’s right, you are not alone. There are a countless number of single people out there in the world. It may seem like your friends are attached or married, but the reality is there are many single people out there just like you.

Whenever you become lonely or bored take heart in knowing that someone out there understands and shares your pain. You may not know them personally, but they are out there still the same. After all, for many people, it takes the right time to meet the right person!

Tip#2 Your Friends are Envious

Your married friends may not tell you this, but sometimes they wish they were single too! You get to meet new people, date lots of different people and if one of them annoys you, you get to say goodbye! You are the sole owner of your apartment.

You don’t need to account for your time or let someone judge your actions. These are the little details that married friends yearn for! The fact that you are the envy of your friends will make your single life seem more bearable.

Tip#3 Activities Abound

When you’re single you can fill up your time with countless activities. You can travel the world, master a new language, see the latest movie and attend the hottest concert in town. When you’re married you are most often on a budget and have to put away money for family obligations and kids.

Being single means you only have to factor in money for yourself. Why sit at home bored? Fill up your time with enjoyable activities and take pleasure in life and in the moment! The single moments may be the only time in your whole life where you can be free to pursue your lifelong dreams!

Tip#4 The Thrill of Dating

The first few dates with someone new are always great. The time someone tries to woo you by doing something special is a memorable thing. Dating is one of the thrills of being single. You don’t have to commit if you don’t want to. Enjoy a few dates here and there, and be ready to experience them again and again!

How to Overcome Loneliness In A Single Life

Change your attitude.

Loneliness stems from the belief that no one wants to be with you. Solitude can be refreshing and enriching. Choose to connect with the deeper thoughts and feelings of life in time spent alone. You are bound to experience an inner fullness.

Challenge yourself.

Use your alone time to challenge yourself to be more productive and rewarding. Explore a new area of interest, experiment with a new recipe and keep your mind engaged to experience the fullness of alone time, instead of the emptiness of loneliness.

Build a support system.

Human beings are social creatures. You need to connect with others to thrive emotionally. Attend community gatherings, lectures or join a volunteer cause or religious group. Find clubs or classes where people engage in similar activities you enjoy.

You must spend time not only developing interpersonal connections but also engaging in things you like.

Avoid negative thoughts.

Avoid negative patterns that lead to negative thinking. This can only lead to depression. Avoid over-generalizing life or exaggerating. You may be lonely right at this particular moment, but it does not mean you will always feel this way.

How to Pursue Your Dreams While Being Single

Single-hood will determine how fruitful and successful your future will be. This is the stage where you can get the most out of life, while you still can. Being married may be wonderful, but you must love yourself even in the single-stage to ensure it will make you a happier, married person.

Single-hood is a great time to discover your purpose in life and find out who you really are. This is the time to plan on how to pursue your dreams and be successful. Many people seem miserable at being single at a certain age. This may be the very reason why they continue to be single.

Enjoying your single life will add a glow to your face and make you a blessing to others around you. The single life can be a blessing. It can be a great time to contribute to society. The world will remember you more for the contributions you made to change other people’s lives than for being married!

How to Combat Peer Pressure When you Are Single

Your peers influence every aspect of your life, although you may not realize it. You face peer pressure by spending time with others. It is only human nature to build interpersonal relationships with people, so the element of peer pressure comes along with the package.

For a single person, peer pressure may be in the form of all their friends getting attached or married. Generally, married couples prefer to spend time with other married couples. This leaves the single person hanging out to dry! Now, this is not something to take personally.

Your friends will always be your friends, whether they are attached or married. You can combat peer pressure by joining a single’s group or making friends with people enjoying their single life.

Avoid giving into peer pressure by thinking it is time to find your life partner because your friends are telling you to do so. Gently make it clear to your friends that when the time is ready to settle down, you will. In the meantime, enjoy your single life!

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