Fly Fishing Equipment – The Fly Rod

fly rod

There are several pieces of equipment used in fly fishing. We’ve already looked artificial flies and fly reels, This article will discuss one of its key pieces of equipment which is the fly rod. This is where the actual fly line is attached.

The fly rod comes in several sizes. Its length can typically range from as short as 6 ft to as long as 13 ft.

Aside from the length, fly fishing rods are measured by their weight. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the value of the weight, the smaller the fish it can catch.

For example, a fly rod of 0wt (zero weight) is enough to catch a small trout. For bigger types of fish such as a salmon, a fly rod of heavier weight is used.

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Fly Rod Weight

A fly rod’s weight is also important in determining the weight of the fly line that can be used with it. So a rod of 10wt requires a #10 line and could not use a line of a different size.

There are rods which can accommodate a variety of weights but they tend to compromise performance for flexibility.

Bamboo is the traditional material used in the rod. It is prized by fly fishing enthusiasts for its surprising strength in typical conditions.

It can be pricey though, which is why others choose rods made of alternative materials such as fibreglass and graphite.

The two are chosen for their durability (they are not prone to rust) and performance (they are lighter compared to other materials).

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