How To Buy Cheap Airsoft Guns

cheap airsoft guns

Airsoft as a recreational sport dates back to the 1970s which is very similar to paintball.  Firing 6mm plastic bbs instead of paint pallets.  Airsoft guns are designed for use in sporting events or competitions.

They can be a blast in your backyard with friends if you have the house and yard set up for it.  So let’s take a look at how to buy cheap airsoft guns.

cheap airsoft guns


How to buy cheap airsoft guns

Airsoft as a sport can be a great game to play with friends.  Either in the backyard or out at a local park.  However, finding cheap airsoft guns doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems.

Although some of the higher-end guns can be expensive.  If you are just starting out playing in the sport, you do not have to spend a small fortune to purchase and enjoy a quality Airsoft gun.

The trick to knowing how to buy cheap airsoft guns is research, research, research.  Make sure you can understand the different types of guns that are available and how they work before you set out to buy one.

The three Airsoft gun categories

Airsoft guns fall into three different categories, which are defined by how the guns are designed and operate. The more complicated the inner mechanisms that fire the guns, usually the more expensive they become.

Category one

The first one is the Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun or what is commonly referred to as the AEG.  These electric guns are arguably the most popular guns among veteran Airsoft players.

They have given the sport its greatest appeal and are singularly responsible for its explosive growth around the world.

The AEG has an electric motor that is powered by an onboard battery. The motor turns the gears inside the gun, which in turn causes a piston to compress and release.

The piston creates a blast of air that propels a 6mm plastic BB through the barrel of the gun.

This fully automated system gives these guns the exciting rapid-fire feature that makes them so popular. These guns also tend to be the most expensive of the Airsoft gun family, usually costing around several hundred dollars.

Category two

The next group of guns to look at is the Gas Powered Airsoft guns. These guns operate by compressed air that fires the BB. The gas is either stored in an onboard cylinder or a gas-filled magazine that connects to the gun.

Some of the more popular styles are the gas blowback guns or commonly called the GBBs. The compressed air that fires the BB also returns the firing slide to the fire position at the same time.

This return action creates a realistic “recoil” sensation from which the name blowback is derived.

Reputed to be great fun to play with, the high-end GBB model guns can also cost around several hundred dollars. The non-blowback gas guns are less costly and start at around 40 dollars.

Category three

The last category of guns to look at is the Spring guns, which are also referred to as the “Springers”. Commonly tagged the cheap Airsoft guns, these spring guns were the original Airsoft models.

In order for the gun to fire, a spring mechanism must be manually cocked back each and every time.

Due to their simplistic design, the Springers are the most inexpensive and cost-effective cheap Airsoft guns. These guns are recommended as perhaps the best for entry-level players.

Most players at some point have owned one of these models, which can be purchased for as little as 20 dollars.

Quality in cheap airsoft guns

In an effort to find cheap Airsoft guns the shopper must keep in mind the value for the money. Even though one can purchase a gun for around 20 dollars, this does not mean that the gun is cheap in quality.

A well-made 20 dollar Springer can be a great value for the money, just as a two hundred dollar AEG can be a great value as well.

Usually no matter the price, buying a gun from a well-established Airsoft manufacturer is important and worth the investment.

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