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How to Dress To Impress All The Time

dress to impress

There have been countless studies performed on the effects that clothing can have on the perceiver.  The science indicates that your dress code is something that people tune into.  Learning how to dress to impress, when you are out and about.

The classic look of the navy, black or charcoal suit combined with a sharp white shirt and a well-tied necktie for men sway decision making in business.

First impressions go along way to influencing whether people take you seriously, therefore are more likely to listen to what you have to offer.

Learn How To Dress to Impress

dress to impress

This, in turn, help build trust and potentially are more likely to hand over their hard earned dollars to do business with you. The wider public does see being well dressed intrinsically linked with being successful and, if somebody comes across as smart and well-heeled, then psychologically, people will feel that the service or product that the individual is offering is likely to have a more premium feel to it.

However, is dressing to impress about impressing other people? Or is it about being comfortable with yourself and knowing no matter the circumstances, you feel confident and happy with whom you are.

When you are comfortable and feel a sense of ease about the way you look there is a certain energy that you give off and it is noticeable. I’m sure everyone can think of a situation where they have seen someone that has that “swagger” about them and they were most likely dressed well.

And I don’t necessarily mean a suit and tie although that does generally look good when done well, it could be shorts and a t-shirt, just with some style.

Rules for dressing up

The next time you leave your house, even if you are only popping down to the corner store, don’t toss on the first thing that’s not wrinkled. Spend an extra two minutes to make yourself look good. Dress like the guy you want to become.

The guy who cares about how he looks, not for others, but for himself. You know, that guy who puts on certain clothes, because they make him feel good. The look that gives him confidence and a sense of happiness.

If you truly dress in a way that makes you feel good, your confidence and demeanour will be noticed by others which means by dressing for you it generally equates to dressing to impress others.

What a great bonus. People see straight through un-comfortableness and will spot you a mile away if you have tried to hard purely to impress others, so chill and be happy with your choice for you and you will reap the benefits.

What benefits are they? I’m not sure about you but feeling confident and happy for the job interview, important business meeting, networking event or a date or maybe meeting your partners’ parents for the first time is pretty high on my list.

If your not sure you have these sorts of clothes than swallowing some pride and be brave. Ask your spouse(unless she shops for your clothes already), girlfriend, friend, sister or whoever to take you shopping for some more fun and stylish clothes.

You will need to be prepared for some criticism but remember what you have isn’t working so listen and learn. In saying that though at the end of the day you must be comfortable with the choices and be genuine about how you feel in each piece.

tailored suit

Basic rules for how to dress to impress

Learn how to iron

Not only will it show commitment to detail.  Knowing how to do this will also save you money on dry cleaning and pressing.

Learn how to sew

This is the easiest way to prolong the life of your investment. It might save your butt and your pitch when your jacket button comes off on a business trip. The basics are enough, being able to sew on a button and mend a seam is worthwhile. A small sewing kit weighs little and takes up no room on your travels.  Trust us it will be one of the cheapest components in your fashion armoury.

Learn to tie a necktie

The only 2 Necktie knots you need are The Classic Standard and the Windsor. Like the rest of your outfit, your tie should have the same attention to detail. If you are in an interview for instance detail is always something your prospective employer is going to look for.  So show them that you cover all bases when it comes getting things right.

The standard knot for a necktie is quite OK for all occasions. If you want to show that you have put in some extra effort and have thought about your appearance the master the Windsor knot.

Look after your appearance

Remember nice clothes are an investment.  So don’t diminish the effect they can have by being tardy with the rest of your appearance. Hygiene and grooming should be an everyday ritual. Clean and trimmed nails, neat hair, clean shaven or groomed stubble/beard are basics but can and will make an impact if done well. Like the necktie, it’s about the detail and the final polish with grooming.


Simple, get it tailored. A poor fitting suit is the worst mistake you can make. Think long term if you need to justify the money.  A good well fitting suit will last you longer than a cheap suit.

So fellas get out there and dress to impress. Not for others, but for yourself. Because when you feel good, you look good, and when you feel good and look good, you win.  It’s easy to dress to impress.

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