How To Get Entertaining Wheat Free Right Everytime

Entertaining wheat free

Entertaining guests at home can be a mixed bag of enjoyment and hassles. Planning ahead is very important, especially when there are menus to plan and dishes that need to be prepared in advance.  Entertaining wheat-free and getting it right can be hard at times.

living wheat free


Where to start entertaining wheat free

You need to stay with enquiring with your guests to see if there are any dietary considerations and taste considerations you will need to take into account.

Such considerations are compounded further if you have opted, like so many others, to live wheat-free. Though once again, with a little pre-planning, it need not necessarily be a hassle.

In fact, not only is it possible to select a full, wheat-free menu that tastes great, it will also be far more healthy and nutritious for your guests.

Planning to go without

Opting to live wheat-free means that you no longer consume foods that contain wheat like the more commonly available forms of bread, cakes, pastries, semolina, pasta, malt products, and certain types of beer.

That may make you wonder how you are going to plan a menu when so much has been crossed off the list already, but it is, in fact, quite easy to create a delicious menu that’s also wheat free.

These days there is a wide variety of wheat free foods available. In addition to the range of gluten-free foods in supermarkets.

You can also look at replacing items that commonly contain wheat with alternatives, for example, replacing regular bread with buckwheat, barley, or rye bread.

Bicarbonate of soda can replace baking powder and 100% corn flour could replace regular corn flour, as the more common variety still contains traces of wheat.

If you cannot find items like this in your local supermarket then you’ll invariably find them in a nearby health food store.

A wheat- free diet is good for those with digestive disorders and promotes better overall health in general. It is best for those who are on a wheat-free diet to eat homemade food.

Since that way they can be 100% certain that the food they’re eating is, in fact, wheat free. One of the side benefits of this is that, by preparing your own meals in this fashion.  You are able to try things out in the kitchen and get good practice for when you wish to prepare meals for others.

When planning the menu for your party it is best to divide the menu into parts so that careful attention can be paid to each. Take beverages as a separate menu item and prepare accordingly.

What drinks to use when wheat free

For the health-conscious fresh fruit juices or perhaps some fruit smoothies with yogurt would be a perfect choice.

For alcoholic beverages, wine would be best, as it is made from grapes. Brandy, Kahlua, cider, martini, rum, sherry, Scotch whisky, and bourbon are some of the liquors that are also fine to drink.

Beer, ale, and lager should be avoided unless it is gluten-free. Liquor that is distilled is generally safe but non-distilled drinks like beer pose problems.

Starters when entertaining wheat free

The next item on the menu would be the delectable finger food. A rice cracker with hummus is a good choice.

The appetizer platter could be made more interesting with a shrimp cocktail, beef, chicken or seafood kebabs, roasted peppers, olives, mushrooms, celery sticks, asparagus tips or other vegetable crudités or, for a savory snack, corn-based tortilla chips with dips that are wheat-free like guacamole or salsa.

Mixed dried fruits and nuts are also a delicious addition. Deli meats could add to the delicious choice of finger food, just avoid certain types of breaded meats such as sausages or corned beef.

In case you are thinking of soup, vegetables, chicken, beef or fish are all possible. However, care should be taken not to add flour or non-gluten-free corn flour as a thickening agent.

Pureed potatoes are a great way to thicken soups and also add flavor. Thickening agents could also be 100% potato, rice, and soy or rye flour. Instead of using soy sauce for flavoring, you should use miso or tamari instead.

Commercial sauces and dips should be avoided.  As it is not always easy to tell if they are wheat free or not. Besides this, homemade always tastes better anyway, right?

Making salads and mains that they will eat

Salads that are made up of fresh crunchy vegetables like a Greek salad would be a great option. Or you could prepare a salmon or chicken salad, perhaps with Thai flavor.

For the main course, experimental and creative ideas could come to the fore. You should avoid serving any meats or fish that are served in breadcrumbs or batter. Seafood or meats could always be baked or grilled or served in a stew.

Pasta and couscous should not be on the menu but risottos made with Arborio rice or brown rice are a good and healthy replacement.

If pasta is needed maybe it is best to experiment with the corn-based pasta and see how a tasty dish could be prepared.

A nice curry would also be a hit, provided you take personal tastes into consideration and not make it either too bland or too hot.

Cakes and puddings are all loaded with wheat, and should therefore be avoided.

Delicious alternatives include

  • fruit pavlova
  • a beautifully arranged fruit platter
  • sago puddings
  • cassava custard
  • baked apples
  • a mouth-watering orange sorbet.

This could then be rounded off with hot tea or coffee and a selection of wheat-free liqueurs.

The secret of presenting a wheat free menu to guests.  Is to present it in a flawless manner with a good choice of dishes.  They are cooked to perfection and beautifully presented.

If you plan your menu in advance and prepare your food carefully your guests won’t even notice that they have been treated to a wheat free menu. Remember, it’s those little touches that make a dinner party a success.

Making the guests feel warmly welcomed and put at their ease.  Is the best and easiest way to start the prelude to any meal when entertaining.

The Ambiance is vital. Try beautiful flowers placed strategically, soft lights, and music for an evening meal.  A well-decorated room adds to the feeling of well-being when entertaining wheat free.

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