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How to Make The Perfect Cut On Your Cigar

Cigar Cutter

If you are hanging out with your buddies, drinking a fine whiskey, there is nothing better then smoking a fine cigar.  Do you know how to clip a cigar properly?

Although every cigar aficionado has their own proven method, here are some basic guidelines to get you started.

Three steps to clip a cigar properly


Examine the head, or closed-end, of the Cigar.  This is the part of the cigar that will need to be clipped.  Determine where the ‘cap’ is.

The cap refers to the part of the cigar where the tobacco leaf was used to close the cigar.  Once you’ve found the cap, determine its length.

As a general rule, you should not cut any further than the end of the cap.  If you cut further than the cap, there’s a good chance your cigar will unravel!

cutting a cigar


Use a good quality cigar clipper to cut the head at the cap.  You don’t want a cheap cutter that will result in frayed or split cuts.

You can purchase a special cigar cutter at your local tobacco shop that is designed to make clean cuts.


Once you have your cutter, hold your cigar at eye level and make a fast and decisive cut just above the cap.  Less is more when cutting—if you find your cut is too superficial, simply cut down a bit more.

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