How To Wear a Suit

wearing a suit

wearing a suitIn the words of the immortal Barney Stinson, “Suit Up“. A man is never alone when he is wearing a fine suit. But then there is wearing a suit, and wearing a suit. here are five tips on how to wear a suit.

Always go for a two-button or single button suit

The two-button suit is and will always be a stone-cold classic, it will lengthen your frame in a flattering way.  The single-button suit will make your shoulders look broader and give you a sleek silhouette.

Doesn’t matter which way you go, your jacket should not be any shorter than your crutch, the ideal length is 1/2 – 1 inch below.

Pick the right material

It’s hard to look dapper when you all hot, bothered and sweaty. So make sure you opt for a suit in a lightweight material. Linen might seem like a good bet, but it will end up crumpled. Go for a wool/linen mix as it won’t crease as much.

Lightweight merino wool can also keep you cool. Check the “ounce weight” of the fabric to determine its thickness.

The standard medium weight cloth is about 11 ounces per metre. If you are off to the races you need to look for an ounce weight of eight or nine. Or we recommend cotton sateen, breathable fabric with a faint sheen.

Double Breasted Suit

If you’re a little bit flamboyant then maybe go for the double-breasted jacket. Just be careful if can easily appear boxy, so stay always from oversized shoulder pads and monster lapels and aim for a very slim silhouette.

So six buttons are preferable to four, as they help keep the shape straight and narrow. Also, try for long side-vents to enforce a more streamlined look.

Get the right shoe colour

Black shoes can look heavy in summer, so try a pale-brown leather or dark brown suede instead. If you wearing linen or a light-coloured suit, go for a suede slip-on shoe you can also try a wider range of colours.

Navy-blue suede slip-on look fantastic with a pale blue suit. Just remember that grey and cream shoes are never a good decision.

Button it up

There are rules for buttoning your jacket.

Three-Button suit

Top two buttons are done up, bottom on undone.

Two-button suit

Top button done- up the second one undone




Always keep the middle right button done up.

It is not just women that have the world of fashion at their fingertips.  Men’s fashion is just as important, to dress in a suit, and learning how to wear a suit can really make the man.

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