Improve Your Drive With This Golf Driver Tip

Golf Driver

Every golfer would love to know the best golf driver tip. There isn’t just one great tip but many tips that could possibly be the key to enabling you to achieve some monster drives.

Every month the golf magazines have dozens of tips in them, however, they may not get to the root of the problem for some golfers.

Golf Driver Tip

If I were given the opportunity to write a golf driver tip for a magazine, I would most probably write something outside the box. Most instructors will advise that practice is the way to achieving the perfect drive.

That is only a part of the solution. The thing that will work for you long term apart from practising your drive is to be physically as fit as you are able to be.

Your body will have a certain level of physical ability that allows you to hit many balls at the practice range, and take as many lessons as you can handle. However, hitting the ball as far as physically possible requires core rotational strength and flexibility.

A strong core is an answer to a successful swing. A weak or inflexible core will not give you the results that you are looking for.

A powerful drive requires a certain amount of width in your swing, which in turn give you better weight management and rotation of your body. Don’t dwell too much on what has to be done for a powerful drive.

Improvement in your core strength will give you that power to drive further. Convince yourself that it is easy and it will become so for you.

There are many simple yet effective core rotational exercises you can do in your home to improve your core strength and flexibility. This in turn will improve your ability to increase the speed and distance of your drive.

Golf Driver Tip
Mature Male Golfer Hitting Tee Shot Along Fairway With Driver

An easy exercise to practice while sitting in your chair:

Cross your arms in front of your chest. Sit up tall and erect with your head in a fixed position, slowly rotate to the right then to the left.

Continue to do this exercise without stopping for around 20 to 30 rotations, depending on the level of your fitness, of course, gradually moving faster. Continue to practice this exercise and your core strength will gradually strengthen.

Core strength is a valuable commodity so become creative with it. I’ve put together a complete section of my manual that covers simple stretches and exercises to do in your chair at home or in the office. I trust I’ve helped with this golf driver tip.

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