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Learn The Proper Way To Mow A Lawn

proper way to mow a lawn

If you spend some time out in your neighbourhoods  You will of worked out that mowing one’s lawn has somewhat become an art of sorts.  While others may choose to simply mow their way along the grass and disregard what happens.  Learning the proper way to mow a lawn is important especially in keeping your yard grass and the ground healthy.

proper way to mow a lawn

What’s the proper way to mow a lawn

It is a task that most men end up hate doing, but love the result.  If you want to learn the proper way to mow a lawn, try these tips on how to do that:

Remove rocks and sticks

Before mowing your lawn, remove rocks and sticks that may get in the way. Doing this prevents the materials from getting hurled by the mower.

It is something that could be fatal or course injury and therefore should be avoided.

Never go to short

Keep your lawn healthy by not cutting the grass too short. In general, leave about a half of an inch of grass sticking out of the ground.

Anything shorter could kill your grass and destroy your lawn.

Give it time to grow

If you find the activity of mowing your lawn as something therapeutic, try not to be overeager about it. You actually don’t have to cut the grass every week; just cut it when the grass begins to look too unkempt.

Give your grass time to grow, and you will end up with a lush looking lawn.

Never throw it away

Don’t throw the cut grass away. While it may seem that it helps in keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy, you should keep it on top of the grass.

Once the cut grass decomposes, it will act as mulch or fertilizer for your lawn.

Vary the mowing pattern

Finally, try to keep your mowing pattern as varied as possible every time you do this activity. It keeps the growth of your grass straight.

That’s it five really simple tips for the proper way to mow a lawn.  Try them you might be surprised with how your lawn looks.

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