10 Man Cave Gifts Every Man Should Get

man cave gifts ideas

The Man Cave is an invaluable space for a man, and not to mention the rest of the family. This is the space where a man can get away for a bit and space where a partner or kids can enjoy the benefits from, for a recharged and refreshed man is a better partner and father.

So spoil the man of your life with the great man cave gifts below and share in the joys of his domain.

10 Best Man Cave Gifts For Every Man

Bluetooth Beanie with Headphones and Wireless Headset

clothing gift ideas

Who doesn’t love a beanie, I mean they are even worn in summer by a lot of people. Apart from the fact they are designed to keep your head warm which is great, let’s not forget that it is a serious fashion accessory.

They have become so popular that they are no longer for just the ski bunnies and surfers.( That crew are usually leaders in style and fashion ).

So, what else could make an iconic piece of clothing be even more widely desired in our modern age, built-in headphones of course? What, you mean you can listen to music and no one can tell, how cool.

How the hell is that done, Bluetooth,  obviously. Yep, Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for hours of music enjoyment, and warmth of course. But the convenience of warmth does not end there.

The convenience of one of the coolest man Cave Gifts does not end there, how about hands-free phone calls, yep got it too.

Ridiculous to think that you could be giving instructions to a mate of what meat to bring to the BBQ while having your hands free to pour your favourite drink or to be giving your friend who couldn’t make it a blow by blow account of the footy game you are watching while celebrating wildly or holding your favourite drink.


  • Fast and strong Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 5 hours of music between charges
  • 7 hours of hands-free talk time
  • It’s warm
  • It’s washable


  • The microphone can be a little muffled
  • You need to charge it
  • Your mates, partner and kids will want to wear it all the time as its so cool
  • You will have to buy the whole family one each.

Where do I get it: Buy from Amazon

Unlimited Pinball Machine Fun!

Nothing screams ultimate man Cave Gifts like something that brings back the joy of childhood.

Now, for as long as I can remember, and trust me that is getting longer than I care for, game arcades have been a part of life for the young and young at heart. I definitely spent some time in these places, even travelled an hour on a bus or train to get to a good one.

And what is the ultimate old school parlour machine, the pinball machine of course?

There’s nothing quite like standing at one of those classic pinball games and tossing in your coins to rack up as many points as you can, juggling that steel pinball with quick wits and quicker fingers to keep the scoreboard rolling.

Everyone loves pinball machines, from those classic pinball games of yesteryear to the complex modern machines of today. So imagine how much fun it would be having a pinball machine in your man cave.

You don’t have to be a pinball wizard to enjoy the fun all over again while you try for another high score. Not only is it just the pinball machine that will give you so much joy, but, the theme and tunes from them will bring back great memories as well.

The themes are endless, with the backdrop being, movies, think Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Star Wars etc, all the Marvel superheroes, rock and roll bands( who could ever forget the KISS pinball machines) sporting themed ones, cartoon themes, even old school Playboy.

man cave gifts


  • Endless hours of fun
  • Childhood memories
  • Great for stress reduction and chill time
  • Weekly competition night with your buddies
  • Can entertain the kids for hours
  • Serious cool factor


  • Can be hard to find your ultimate one, so have a list of 5 -10 themes that you would be happy with and then go hunting.
  • The older they are, the more work they might need.
  • They cost a bit
  • Vintage ones can be very expensive.

Start looking here for your favourite Pinball machine here 

Push Pin Framed Travel Map

I want you to think back to when you were a child and you saw your first treasure map. Whether it was on a cartoon, a movie, your mum made it for you or you were playing in the back yard with friends.

I bet you the memories are priceless. The allure of hidden treasure or daydreaming about the mystery of somewhere new, maps of any type invoke images of adventure and mystery,

That sense of mystery and wonder, never truly goes away so why not reignite the flame of exploration with a map on the wall. Following a map is one of the most exhilarating things to do, whether it be to somewhere new and exciting or down memory lane.

I love a map on the wall to provide inspiration for the next adventure and it can help immensely with planning and budgeting.

Its not a bad bragging tool as well if everyone can see where you have been and also it can act as a reminder to your friends and family to help you keep motivated.

This National Geographic Push Pin Travel Map Push Pin wall map is a great way to highlight where you have been and how to plan your next adventure.

Simple gift ideas for men


  • Beautifully detailed map
  • Quality frame
  • 3 colours of pins
  • Looks far more expensive than it is
  • Its big 24 x 36 inches


  • It’s quite large so you will need some wall space
  • Could burn the credit card with planned adventures

Where do I get it from Buy from Amazon

TCL 65″ Class (64.5″ Diag) 4K UHD ROKU LED LCD TV

Men love being in control of the TV remote. A simple solution is to let them have a TV in the man cave. So many fewer arguments about what to watch, don’t you think?

Watching the big game with their mates, cartoons or that soppy love story they just won’t admit to loving. And if you’re going to have a TV, you might as well have a big one, as well as a very good one and this is where the TCL 65 inch big screen fits perfectly.

Technical Specifications to Consider :

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology
  • 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine
  • 120Hz CMI effective refresh rate
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi & Ethernet port

Man cave gift ideaPros

  • Exceptional value for money, half the cost of some of its competitors
  • Excellent overall image quality, with deep black levels, very good brightness, rich contrast and accurate colour.
  • Its Roku smart TV platform is the best available, with a simple interface you can stream 500,000 movies & TV episodes across thousands of streaming channels
  • The TV handles both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range sources.


  • Brightness and video processing fall short of some more expensive TVs.
  • Not the best viewing angle

 Where do I get it from Buy from Amazon

Beeropoly Board Game

Board games are always a winner and the ultimate game is still a monopoly. Well, now it’s taken to the next level. This adults-only game involves drinking beer. Don’t you think that some of the best Man Cave Gifts might include beer, surely that’s a no brainer.

So let me introduce BEEROPOLY

Beeropoly invites players to drink their way through a series of brewsky challenges—Fancy testing rhyming skills to demonstrating your best dance moves. Players take turns rolling the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the board.

Risking elimination along the way, you complete the beer challenges and last man standing must drink the Community Cup. Sounds like a great Friday night challenge.

Please always drink responsibly.

Best ideas for men


  • Hilarious fun for everyone
  • Might just encourage you to learn some new dance moves


  • May require a few extra beds and breakfast the next morning for all your guests
  • Hangovers may occur

Trademark Poker Set

The Poker night is a longstanding tradition for the boys night in all around the globe and should be treated to a little Vegas-style pizzaz with this authentic professionally styled Poker Set.

cave gift ideas for men


  • The chips are fantastic, not perfect but the feel and the weight are great
  • Exceptional value for money


  • The case is not the highest quality so treat it with care

Where do I get it from Buy from Amazon

 Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

When its time to unwind or to sit and contemplate life for a bit, sometimes you need a little help to slow down and chill. There are a million ways to achieve that but one of my favourites in to sip on a velvety smooth whisky, cognac or bourbon.

If you have committed to some quiet time and spent the coin on a quality beverage, you don’t want to spoil it with any old drinking vessel. A classy crystal purpose-made glass for such drinking pleasures is required to enjoy such refined liqueurs.

Venero is synonymous with top-shelf LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL, the world’s most transparent and lustrous glass. These modern whiskey tumblers sparkle beautifully in the light and the elegant twisted design is sure to make an impression.

Man cave gift for drinkers


  • Lifetime warranty – virtually unbreakable
  • Amazing quality Crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nice big glass
  • Feels great in the hand


  • These are so nice you might lose a few, you know that friend who “borrows” everything
  • You will need a few sets as your man cave will be THE place for a drink once word gets around that you have these beauties.

Where do I get them from Buy From Amazon

SUNCREAT 12ft Double Brazilian Wide Hammock

A man cave is a place to retreat to, like a holiday at home. Man Cave Gifts should reflect that need, and what is one thing that says you are on holidays, a Hammock. That’s right, a hammock conjures up thoughts of chilling on the beach or by a pool with a good book and a cocktail.

So it makes sense that a hammock is ideal for a Man Cave. For quality and a great price, you cant past the Suncreat Brazillian Hammock.

The double size Suncreat hammock will have you relaxed in no time at all. What a better way to enjoy your man cave than to be relaxing in a hammock watching your favourite movie or catching some well-deserved sleep.

Gift ideas for menPros

  • Comfortable and breathable cotton fabric
  • Easy to pack in its supplied stuff sack
  • Hanging side pockets


  • You need to work out how to hang it or buy a stand

Where do I get it from Buy from Amazon?

Biltong King Food Dehydrator

Every Man Cave needs snacks and what could be better than meat as a snack. Beef Jerky or Biltong is dried meat and is a wonderful and healthy man snack.

The biltong king and food dehydrator from Mellerware allows you to enjoy great-tasting, homemade biltong and droe wors and now with the drying shelves, you can make your own dried fruit.


  •  Built-in circulating fan
  • Multi-purpose: Biltong, droewors, dried fruit, and herbs
  • Hanging rods for biltong and droewors
  • Drying shelves for fruit and vegetables
  • Light fitting to reduce moisture
  • Continuous airflow to speed up drying
  • New easy to assemble design
  • Uses halogen incandescent lamp, B22D 40W (NB: Do Not use an energy-saving bulb)

Mellerware - Biltong King Food Dehydrator


  • Inexpensive
  • Efficient meat/fruit dehydrator


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Is there a better way to round off a list of Man Cave Gifts than a book? I’m not sure. But a book can show a level of intellect, sophistication and some real insight into a man.

There are thousands of great books out there for men, with endless themes and crazy stories. There is a stand out classic, however, and it is the adventurous Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance.

Acclaimed as one of the most exciting books in the history of American letters, this modern epic became an instant bestseller upon publication in 1974, transforming a generation and continuing to inspire millions.

best Man cave gift ideas


  • A book of this standing will generate a sense of respect and many a great conversation. And so it should, nothing else stirs the discussion juices as a journey into reconciling science, religion, and humanism.


  • It’s not really about Motorcycle maintenance but still is a must-read and a good conversation starter.

Where do I get it from Buy from Amazon

The Washup For the Best Man Cave Gifts

So there you have it, 10 Man Cave Gifts for your partner, brother, son or friend.

Although they range in cost, the above Man cave gift ideas every man should get is a great resource for some of the standard items and some different and unique gifts that should be part of every Man Cave.

Imagine a man cave with all of these, any man would be happy with that.

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