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Marvel Gaming Racing Chair

Marvel Gaming Race Chair

The Wash Up

Gaming is a great hobby.  Whether its PC, PlayStation, Xbox it doesn’t matter, once you settle into a marathon session of the latest Call of Duty Game. You know you can lose hours doing it.

It’s important to be comfortable when you are at your favourite game for that long, that’s where the Marvel Gaming racing chair by Neo Chair designs. comes into it.

Neo Chair’s put out the Marvel licensed designed gaming racing chair, it’s not just for the Gaming Geeks either.  It works just as well as an executive office designed computer and general office chair.

It comes with a high back headrest that tilts and a very ergonomic designed lumbar back and shoulder support.

You can pick you favourite Marvel Superhero as well, with Captain America, Black Panther, Ironman, Spiderman.

When we bought this chair for our gaming room (sort of like a Man Cave).  We use it for a PC gaming and office chair.  We love the design, and being north of 220 pounds it really suited the time we spent in it.

It was just a comfy way to spend a few hours, taking down the latest terror cells from the comfort of our room.

Marvel Gaming Chair

The Analysis

The Neo Chair Licensed Marvel Gaming Racing Chair Executive Office Desk Task Computer Home Chair

If you are looking to spend some time, playing your favourite shooter game or racing game, You want to do it in comfort, and invoke the spirit of your favourite Marvel Superhero.

The Marvel Gaming Racing Chair is the perfect choice for a game and superhero nerd.

What colours and themes does it come in?

The Marvel gaming racing chair comes in a few different choices, Captain America, Black Panther, Ironman and Spiderman.

How big is it?

The size and quality of build are perfect for us and should suit any serious gamer.  It’s well designed, with a Seat size 19.58′ x 20.97′ and back size of 22.04′ x 31.5′ and a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

What is it made of?

The chair is a typical plastic base with hydraulic rams with tilt and lifts lower height functions.  The seat and back are made from a durable leather, with embroidered characters on it.

buying marvel game chair

Is it a quality build?

Yes, its a well made and quality build.  We loved the embroided leather, and well we got the Captain America themed chair so we needed it up a bit.

The finish is well done and quality all the way through.

How far does it tilt?

It does tilt to 130 degrees, so you are not completely horizontal.  So for hardcore gamers, it might not be the best.  But we use it for a cross between gaming and actual office work as a desk.

What’s the Seat Life Like?

We’ve had ones for about 3 months, but with no real issues.  It does come with a 12-month warranty.

The Verdict

Priced well at under $200 it’s a perfect addition to your gaming room or just for use in the office.  Its a middle of the road type of chair, as we said above, we use ours for 50/50 use.  If you are a hardcore gamer there are probably better chairs to buy.

Its currently only available in the USA.

Marvel Racing Game chair

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