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PS Vita – Never Stop Playing

ps Vita

When I was a lot younger, I loved spending hours playing Donkey Kong on my portable handheld game.  As times moves one so does technology and so do gaming handsets.  The latest out onto the market is the Playstation PS Vita, currently retailing at $165.99 on Amazon.

It’s in direct competition to the GameBoy as well as being larger than Nintendo DS, its still very sleek and sturdy.

It has a huge library of games with over an over 1000 Games with many PlayStation Vita games, such as Final Fantasy X, God of War Collection, and Minecraft, classic games from PS One and PSP systems and more.

PS Vita

What about PS Vita Visuals?

The visuals on the games we played are just plain STUNNING, Final Fantasy X, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends and God of war.

Even when you’re not playing a game, the applications and their contents programmed in the machine are displayed as crystal clear, and there are many things to do than just games, such as taking pictures (you can even take snapshots from games by pressing the PS and Start buttons at the same time), watching videos, listening to music, and even take a look at the trophies you earned in some games.

What’s the Problem?

There’s just one problem (not every game system is perfect).  There is only 1 GB of internal memory, so you have to buy a separate PS Vita memory card.  Which I thought was insanely over-priced because you can’t buy them from a third-party seller.

Sony can charge exorbitant prices. Sounds like a money grab to me, but what doesn’t these days? Just drop the money on a 16 GB card to be safe. I’m glad I did (to say the least).

Okay, there’s another problem. Thanks to the small internal memory and the high price of memory cards, it will be difficult to download many games from the PSN Store (we’ve never done it, probably never will), for you might be deleting them later on.

As for us, we’ll just be buying the game cards. we’re not fond of very many games for download out there nowadays anyway.

The problems aside, however, this is probably our most favourite and best buy we have ever made. The fact that the price was raised a little bit.  Just after the order shipped was well worth it, too, because we weren’t going to pay more than $500 just for the system. Not including the game or memory card.

The Washup

We recommend this to anyone who likes to play on the go, or to anyone who just likes to game.

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