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The Tablet Parts You Need To Know, When you Buy One

tablet parts

There are basic components and hardware that make up a PC tablet. In some ways, they are very similar to a standard computer, except there is not a keyboard, mouse, speakers, or a printer.  The tablet parts really aren’t that different.

However, a tablet infuses many different aspects together including a touch screen, an integrated web cam if applicable, integrated speakers, basic SD and USB ports if applicable, and a high resolution display.

Additionally, a touch screen differs from a standard computer in that everything is put together in a slim unit compared to a larger computer tower and separate monitor.

tablet parts

What are the basic tablet parts?

The basic tablet parts consist of the RAM, disc memory, the tablet processor, the operating system, the apps that are available for the particular tablet network, and the size of the tablet screen.

The RAM memory of a tablet computer is typically comprised of anywhere from 512MB of RAM on upwards of 1GB of RAM depending on the specific tablet.

Meanwhile, there is a range of processors used in tablet PC computers and they are either typically an x86 Intel architecture PC, an ARM processor, or something else like the Apple A5 1GHz Dual-Core processor. Each processor system is unique to the tablet and is configured independently as well.

Memory matters when its a tablet

As far as the disc memory is concerned, there are also a variety of sizes of memory that are available.

Some tablets do not have an integrated solid-state memory drive and instead have a flash drive with a limited amount of space.

Additionally, tablets with integrated flash drive memory typically have an SD slot that allows people to upgrade the memory of the unit by simply inserting an SD card.

SD cards that range in size from 4GB to upwards of 64 GB are typically able to be used with flash memory tablets.

However, for those tablets that do have an integrated solid-state drive, the memory sizes can range greatly. The memory can be anywhere from 8GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, or even 120GB.

Depending on the specific person and what the uses are they have planned for their tablet, they may opt to choose a larger hard drive to contain all of their data, music, videos, and pictures.

Furthermore, tablets that have integrated solid-state drives also have SD card slots or other memory-compatible expansion slots to increase the individual’s tablet memory.

The tablet operating system

There are also a variety of tablet operating systems and which one the person uses depends on which tablet brand they choose.

If an iPad is chosen, the operating system is Apple iOS; meanwhile, there is also an Android operating system, Blackberry, and a Windows operating system.

All of these operating systems have their own benefits and it is dependent on the individual getting the tablet to decide which operating system they would enjoy using most.

The Apple iOS operating system boasts seamless performance, accurate response to touch, magnification, easy navigation through the menus, simplicity of launching apps, and many other innovative features like Siri.

As far as other tablets operating systems are concerned, the Android operating system is similar to the Apple iOS; although some key differences include the menus, icons, and the operating system also run differently.

Since the Android operating system is based on Linux, it takes advantage of fully utilizing the RAM to run efficiently.

Meanwhile, operating systems such as Blackberry and the Windows tablet operating system also have their own unique features. The Blackberry tablet and Windows tablet operating systems are both seamless and are very well responsive.

Many other customizations can also be done with these operating systems. It depends on the person’s needs which will help them decide which tablet operating system is best for them.

Depending on the unit an individual obtains, the apps that are available to them can differ greatly; however, there are many apps that are available on many different tablet marketplaces.

Apps really aren’t tablet parts but you still need them

Some apps are specific to the Apple Apps Store; while other apps might only be available to the Android Marketplace.

Still, some apps could only be compatible with the Blackberry or Windows Marketplace. Although many software developers develop and release apps for multiple devices.  That way they are able to reach many different consumers.

The reason for this is because not everybody uses the same type of unit and might not have access to certain apps on a network not available for their tablet.

Some popular apps that are played and used are

  • Angry Birds
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Words with Friends
  • FarmVille
  • and many other genres of games including racing games, puzzle games, adventure games, and more.

There are many other apps that one can download onto their unit as well.  Such as an e-Book app for reading books, radio streaming apps, helpful organizers and daily planner apps, and much more.

It all depends on the specific marketplace you are buying them from.

In terms of screen size, there are multiple screen sizes and widths to choose from, depending on the specific brand you buy.

Also, there is a range of back-light styles that are used in tablets. Most screens range from seven inches to ten inches or more.

Pick the right screen

Furthermore, as far as the back-lighting is concerned with tablet parts.  Some units will have an LCD screen with a back-light while other tablets are a TFT LCD touch screen.

Some unit screens like the Apple iPad have a TFT LED back-light multi-touch screen. The resolution display of the screens can also differ as well.

Resolutions might be anywhere from 1,280 by 800 pixels, 1,024 by 768 pixels, or 1,024 by 600 pixels.

Just remember the most important things that someone should look for in a tablet.  Are the screen size, processor and memory, and the apps available.

Other features to take into account when looking for a tablet are if it is compatible with 3G network service if there is an integrated web camera, how heavy or large the tablet is, and lastly, the average expected battery life of the unit.

Taking all of these details into account will help an individual to find the tablet PC that suits them.  No matter if it’s work or entrainment needs.

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