A Well Dressed Man Is a Stylish Man

Industrie clothing

A stylish man is a well-dressed man, as the old saying goes, “Clothes make the man“.  But it can cost a small fortune to keep up with the latest fashion.  Here are 3 very undervalued labels that any guy can add to his wardrobe, without having to sell a kidney :

Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday started out with well-fitting, affordable jeans with a straight leg with prices starting at $90. The Swedish label has since developed out into shirts, cardigans and sunglasses that really stand out for their handcrafted touches, left of centre designs and a cutting edge logo. (Well maybe a skull with an inverted cross on its forehead, is slightly Satanic).

well dressed man


Is a very safe bet for stylish menswear with a casual edge. The new range is as wearable as ever, for the casual man, the Industrie brand makes snappy stripey cotton polo and V-necks t-shirts in a rainbow of colours.

Most of Industrie’s range is a sure-fire success for summer wear, and they also make a cool understated beachwear.

Industrie clothing

American Apparel

American Apparel excels at simplicity. The brand really specializes in versatile basics that are boldly coloured, and are unadorned with logos which you can dress up or dress down to suit any occasions. With T-shirts available online for less than $30 a pop.

It really is a brand that’s kind to your wallet and your conscience, and for the social conscience, the made-in-LA products are sweatshop-free with employees paid twice the minimum wage.

american Apparel

Just remember that style isn’t limited to external appearance. Its a is a quality that can breathe personality and charisma into anything from your way with women to how you drive a car.

Some times yes, man style is a tricky son-of-a-bitch, to nail down. From Swiss Watches to the sports car you drive, it can manifest itself in widely different guises. So choose wisely, your style can make or break you. But with some practice, you can be a well-dressed man.

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