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Why Golf Fitness Matters To Your Game

Even as you read this article, there are golf fitness exercise programs that continue to positively revolutionize the games of many golfers around the country and indeed the world.

How to Improve your game with golf fitness

Having a decent golf exercise program that improves your fitness, will play a major role in helping many golfers achieve consistently good results on the course with their golf swing.

Go to any local golf course, and you will see many golfers who are yet to fully appreciate the potential of a golf exercise program and the impact on a golfer’s game that it can have.

A well-rounded golf fitness exercise program will concentrate on the muscles and parts of the body used when playing golf, especially during the golf swing.

improving golf fitness

How a Golf Exercise Program helps

A golf exercise program will be useful in helping the golfer attain more flexibility.  As well as strength on the course. It is important to remember that almost all of the body is used during a golf swing.

The obvious parts of the body are used in a golf swing.  Are the arms, upper body, and neck, however, the feet to the knees to the hamstrings and hips are just as crucial.

A golf fitness program will have a significant impact on the body to ensure that the muscles are ready for the strain that golf usually exerts on it.

Usually, a golf fitness program will combine dynamic strength and flexibility for your body.  As well as helping to improve stabilization and core strength.

Most of these exercises are able to be done with simple hand weights (dumbbells) and exercise tubing.

No gym required!

Too many golfers go to the gym. Plop down on a machine and rely on that to make their game better. That won’t help at all.

It’s important to keep the golf swing mechanics in mind when doing a golf fitness program.  Try talking to a personal trainer to help you with the right exercise program for you.

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