How To Choose The Best Airsoft Mask

best airsoft mask

Great, so you and some mates want to get out on the airsoft course and channel your inner warriors.  But you are firing air-compressed BB pallets at each other at high velocity.

You need to make sure you are safe as possible first before.  It starts with protecting your face, finding the best airsoft mask for you and your buddies takes a bit of know-how.

In this article, we wanted to share our tips and tricks for buying the best airsoft mast for you.  Keep in mind what suits you, might not suit your mate.

What is the best Airsoft mask?

There are literally thousands of different masks, makes, and shapes on the market, all at different prices all promising different levels of protection.  You have choices from:

  • Full face
  • Half Face
  • Wire steel mesh
  • Anti-Fog vision
  • Regular vision

Making the right choice can be confusing as hell. But wearing the best airsoft mask for you is a lot better than losing an eye.

Choosing an Airsoft mask

Features of the Best Airsoft Mask

Airsoft masks have a lot of features, choosing what’s right for you can be confusing as hell.  So let’s take a look at the main features of an airsoft mask you should be considering.

Full Face V Half Face Airsoft Masks

It’s like milk in your coffee or no milk.  It’s purely a personal choice on this one.  Well, a full and half airsoft mask will do the job of keeping your mouth and eyes protected.  There are some added benefits to consider

Half Face Airsoft masks

A half-face mask is usually cheaper and is a lot more adjustable.  They weigh less, come in more customizable options, and are generally able to be used for a number of other things.

Obviously, with a half mask, you are more exposed in other parts of your face.  Keep in mind that a full-speed BB will hurt like hell when it hits your exposed melon.

Depending on the design of the half mask, you might also need to buy a pair of eye goggles for eye protection as well.

Full-face Airsoft masks

A full-face mask is a lot more robust, and covers every part of your face, from your chin to your forehead.    Don’t fog as much and design patterns can be amazing.  Think Crossbones from the Avengers.

Other considerations for choosing a half-face or full-face airsoft mask

Breathing and air-circulation

Breathing with a half-face mask will always be easier.  They are typically designed with more air vents.  Although we’ve road tested a few vented full-face masks and found that they can be very breathable as well.

Some full-face masks can even have built-in ventilation fans to assist in air circulation.  Poor air circulation will ruin the day out and playing airsoft.

Just make sure whichever mask you go for, doesn’t sit too tight and at least has plenty of holes/mesh to supply fresh air.

Overall face protection

There is no comparison here, Full face airsoft masks win every time.  The half-face mask will leave some parts of your face exposed.

A full-speed BB pellet hits your eye, you will lose your eye. But if it hits your cheek you’ll end up with a sting and a nasty bruise.  So, rule one here is to protect your eyes at all costs.


What a giant pain in the arse.  Fogging happens when your warm breath shoots upward out of your mouth.  When it hits the colder lens, it cools down and causes fogging on the lens.

Full-face masks can have built-in ventilation fans which can significantly reduce fogging.  There is nothing worse than moving your eye protection to wipe the lens, and missing that perfect shot.

Most airsoft eye goggles are designed and sold as anti-fog.  You can get accessories like antifog sprays and pastes.

Mask Adjustment

Half-face masks win here with adjustments.  A Half mask and separate eye goggles sit independently so you can adjust them both to suit.

Cost of mask

Without a doubt, full-face masks will cost you a lot more.  In some cases, a full-face mask will be double what you would pay for a half-face mask.

If you need to save a dollar, then a half mask and eye goggles would suit your budget.  Just don’t scrimp on safety, being a one-eyed warrior is never fun.

Size of mask

Just like an ill-fitting pair of bowling shoes. The Best airsoft mask is one that fits properly.  “one size fits all” is a really clicky marketing ploy.  Take the time to try it on and make sure your mask will fit properly.

If you are buying a mask online, take the time to read the reviews and look up the measure and fitting chart that the manufacturer provides.

Metal or plastic masks

Every mask will be made from similar materials, but it boils down to two different types.  Metal or plastic.

Plastic is by far the winner here.  Plastic is easier to mold giving your more shapes and design choice. Crazy designs are always going to be plastic.

With modern manufacturing practices plastics are extremely strong and durable.

A solid plastic face mask might not be that breathable.  These types of mask materials can lead to fogging.  So, make sure you get one with built-in ventilation.

Metal mesh material will generally be more cost-effective.  They will tend to be the more boring masks.  These types of mask designs tend to be more breathable as well as not fogging up as much.

A Metal mesh mask might not be as protective as a plastic-designed one.  A close-up shot from an airsoft gun can punch through a metal mesh mask pretty easily.

You can get a hybrid mask, which is a good design for both materials.

Eye Protection and Safety

This is by far the main thing you need to consider to find the best airsoft mask for you.  With a full-speed pallet to the eye, you are guaranteed to hurt your eye.  The damage could be:

  •  Detached retinas
  • Corneal scapes
  • Bleeding of the eye
  • Rupture of the eyeball
  • Losing an eye (Yep end of the line)

As Airsoft’s popularity has climbed so has the number of eye injuries that are occurring according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Decent eye protection, whether it’s a goggle or built-in visors, will limit the chance of that happening.

The lens will be made from shatterproof plastics like polycarbonate, so direct BB hits don’t shatter the lens, and a piece doesn’t go into our eye.

Stay away from metal mesh eye protection, BBs can shatter and shards can end up in your eye.  Not common but can happen.

What’s the best Airsoft Mask Brand?

Well, that’s a very subjective question. When researching the best airsoft mask for you, take the time to learn a bit about the company you are buying it from.

The wash-up

So, what’s the best airsoft mask, well that is a personal choice.

You can wear your favorite superhero mask, and get a replica Iron Man airsoft face mask or Batman airsoft mask. Full face or half face, standard black, or designed to look like a walking nightmare.

There are so many different masks out there on the market.  I’d suggest at the very least going with full-seal safety airsoft goggles.  Protect those eyes at all costs.

Lightweight and breathable are always the features you want from the best airsoft mask. How it looks well, you can scare your opponents, but if your running away looks don’t really matter that much

Cost is a huge factor, hobbies, and sports can cost you money to buy the necessary accessories.  So, spend your money wisely.  The best airsoft mask for you is something you want to last for a long time.

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