10 Tips For How To Meet Girls

Meeting Girls

While it seems like in some ways the internet has made it easier than ever to meet girls, all it has really done is made you more aware of how many are out there to meet.  Even with the internet, how to meet girls remains a difficult challenge.

The internet and dating sites don’t really tell you how to meet girls, they essentially just show them to you – the rest is up to you.

The truth is, just seeing a girl you like on the internet doesn’t actually make it much easier to meet her than if you saw her walking down the street in real life.

In addition, meeting girls and dating girls are two completely different things. The good news is though, that boys were figuring out how to meet girls long before there ever was an internet, and many of the methods they figured out of how to meet girls still actually work today.

Here is a short guide on how to meet girls that can actually be easier and less painful than trying to meet them on the Internet.

How To Meet Girls

Ask your friends

The likelihood is, your friends probably know girls you do not. In addition, if they are not already dating those girls, they probably aren’t interested in doing so.

In fact, they may have never even thought of introducing you because if they aren’t interested in dating them, they probably don’t think of them as being all that interesting.

The truth is, however, you will most likely like an entirely different type of girl than your friends do. So one great tip on how to meet girls is to just ask your friends to introduce you to some girls that they know.

Go where they go

While this is not always the case, girls and guys tend to like to do very different things. Of course, it would be great if you could meet a girl that likes to do what you do, but sometimes liking different things can actually be a good thing.

After all, like they say, opposites attract. One of the best tips on how to meet girls is to go places girls like to go, that guys often don’t.

The likelihood is, there are a lot of girls at the mall, at the concerts of female pop stars, and in other girl-friendly environments.

You don’t have to go anywhere that only girls go, but there are definitely target-rich environments for meeting girls.

If you want to know how to meet girls, go where the chances are highest of you meeting one – or more.

Pay attention

The truth is, you are literally surrounded by girls at all times. Particularly since girls generally make up more than 50% of any given population.

The truth is, many times guys are tying themselves in knots trying to figure out how to meet girls when they aren’t even paying attention to the ones they actually already know – or at least know of.

As a rule, we generally go about our day on auto-pilot. We go to the same places, sit in the same seats, and basically just get used to our surroundings.

So used to them in fact, we don’t even notice what’s right in front of us. Like that cute girl that actually serves us popcorn every week at the concession stand of our favorite theater, or the checker at the mini-market where we buy our Powerade every day.

Sometimes, the best tip on how to meet girls is just to look around you.

Use social media

While you may only be friends on social media with people you know – and wouldn’t be worrying about how to meet girls if you were already interested in one – the likelihood is your friends on social media probably know a lot of girls that you don’t.

While you may not have access to their full profiles, you probably have enough access to decide whether it is a girl you might be interested in meeting or not.

If you are, then you can approach your friend and ask her to make an introduction. While a girl may not give a strange guy they met on social media the time of day, they might be more likely to give you a shot if you are introduced through a mutual friend

As always, one of the best tips on how to meet girls is to use your friends to make introductions.

dating girls

Go new places

Once again, we are all creatures of habit. The likelihood is that you spend the majority of your time going places you have been to 100 times or more.

If you go to school, you go to the same school and see the same people every day.

Or if you go to work, you probably work with the same people every day and then go out after work or hang out on weekends with the same people you always hang out with, doing the same things you always do in the same places you always do them.

If you want to meet new people you have to go to new places. One of the best tips on how to meet girls is to regularly go places you’ve never been to before.

Ask older people

Before there was the internet, guys had to come up with a lot of interesting ways to meet girls.

If you want to get expert advice on how to meet girls, talk to someone that had to do it before the internet made it easy.

Chances are, your grandfather has a lot of great advice on how to meet girls.

Do things alone once in a while

While there is certainly something to be said about the idea of “safety in numbers,” when you are with your friends, you are mostly paying attention to your friends.

In addition, you probably act very differently around your friends than you would most likely act around a girl. Knowing how to meet girls is only the first step.

Once you’ve actually met her, you probably want her to want to actually get to know you better. You stand a far better chance of her wanting to do that if she doesn’t meet you when you are around your friends.


Not only are there lots of books out there on how to meet girls, but bookstores and libraries also happen to be great places to meet girls. Interesting girls, who like to read.

Ask people who are dating or married

If people are dating or married, they had to meet each other somehow. They probably have some pretty good advice on how to meet girls.

You may think that there are only so many ways to meet girls, but there aren’t. The ways to meet girls are almost limitless.

If you don’t feel you are meeting a lot of girls, you just have to adapt new strategies on how to meet girls. Asking others how they did it is a great place to start.

Introduce yourself

Sometimes the people that complain the most about how they don’t know how to meet girls are simply not taking any initiative

Most girls are probably not going to come up to you and introduce themselves.  If they did, you would probably think they were forward or rude.

If you ever want to actually meet girls, you’re going to have to introduce yourself. From there you will most likely want to move into dating a girl.  Dating girls is a whole other challenge in itself, we will get to that later.

For now, just work on learning how to meet girls.

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