6 Ways To Know She’s CRAY CRAY…. And You Need To Run Away

Cray Cray

We’ve all been there, you meet an Intelligent, attractive girl out somewhere.  You get her phone number, maybe you friend her on Facey.  You start chatting, you think she’s pretty amazing.  But you have this thought somewhere in the back of your head, that is trying to eat its way out slowly.  You can’t quite put your finger on what it is.  You already know but don’t want to admit it.  Shes Cray Cray.

Here are seven ways to tell if she is Cray Cray.

She TEXT’s non-stop

With modern communication the way it is these days. it is easy to send a text or a Facebook message.  It’s okay to text simple things like.  ” How was your day” or “Can you pick up some milk”

It’s not okay to have 150 text messages in a day, that is obsessive

Texting is a quick simple means of communication.  It’s not meant as a way of having a conversation.  Pick up the phone, or just ignore her texts.  Till you have the time to call.

If she starts to email, text, and Facebook message you all on the same day. RUN.

Take the obsessive electronic communication as sign no 1.

Is she a crier?

Let’s be gentle with this one.  Women are emotional-based, and that’s what we love about them. Women will cry…  A woman that is CRAY CRAY cries a lot. I mean they will cry at a drop of a hat.

You can call them crocodile tears.   They use crying as a way to get attention.

She’s not over her ex

It might be 6 months after her last relationship, but is she still driving past her ex-boyfriend’s house?

It means she can’t or hasn’t let go of the last bloke.  big warning signs here.

crazy eyes

She got more than you on the go

Now this one is tricky, to catch.  You need to keep your ears open for this one.  It might be her talking about 1 or 2 guys regularly.  Maybe she getting texts or messages from multiple guys.

The thing to consider here.  Is she spending time cultivating a plan B or C if things don;t work out with you?

She makes you pay all the time

These days, there is equality in pay.  Men and women are on the same financial footing.  It’s not the 50s women can pay for their own shit.

It’s fair to take it turn about,  you pay for a dinner she pays for a lunch.  If you’re paying for everything, she wants to date a paycheck not you.

She can’t commit to anything

It doesn’t matter if it’s lunch, dinner, or sex. if she can’t commit to seeing you at any time other than when it suits her.  She’s playing with you.

That’s it 6 simple ways to know if she CRay Cray or not.  Sometimes you have to make a judgment call sooner rather than later.

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