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Bluetooth Technology Is In Our Everyday Life

bluetooth technology

One of the fastest-growing technologies is Bluetooth technology which is being used to varying extents. From simply clipping the Bluetooth headset to your ear to talk on a cell phone to synchronizing networks at home, office, and vehicles.

Bluetooth is everywhere, for those who don’t know much about this technology, here are the basics.

bluetooth technology

What is Bluetooth

A Bluetooth device is a wireless device that communicates through short-range radio waves which have a maximum range of 10 meters generally or 30 feet.

There are also high-powered devices that have longer ranges. Bluetooth-operated products need to be in the same area or in range to communicate with each other.

Small networks will be formed with the interactions between the devices, which are commonly called a Piconet or a PAN (personal area network).

These mini-networks communicate in an interesting way and are guided by Bluetooth connection protocols and standards.

How it works

After detecting each other’s presence, the Bluetooth devices will pass the data at the same time to coordinate their activities by jumping continuously between radio frequencies along a band.

With the help of this constant hopping over low power signals, a Bluetooth gadget can cut down the interference from other devices sharing the same frequency band and can also ensure brief crossovers with no issues.

In a Bluetooth piconet, a variety of devices can take par.

From cell phones to computers, printers to cameras, GPS navigators to car stereo systems the list is unending.

This technology is inexpensive and automated which brings flexibility, efficiency, and convenience to electronic network communications and its users.

Bluetooth technology in cell phones

Present Bluetooth technology is a refined one and the new versions of operating protocols are being used. The potential of Bluetooth technology as a telecommunications medium became obvious.

Manufacturers of cell phone devices joined the Bluetooth SIG and started using the technology to allow phones to work with wireless/hands-free devices like Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth short range and low power consumption features are ideal in this case.

A cell phone user can keep their phone in his/her pocket or nearby and can use the connected headset to receive and send signals.

The distance that has to be traveled by these signals is not more than a few feet which makes the lowest-powered Bluetooth devices i.e., class 3 with a range of 1 meter work using minimal battery power of the cell phone.

Class 2 and class 1 with ranges of 10 meters and 100 meters are more practical for other applications but they need more power to send or receive a signal.

Bluetooth technology in computers and laptops

Computers and laptops are the devices next in line to cell phones in using Bluetooth technology to the maximum.

Different computer accessories like mice, keyboards, printers, PDA and speakers come with inbuilt Bluetooth adapters.

These adapters allow wireless communications between the devices and the nearby computer. To add Bluetooth technology to your old model computer, buy the USB Bluetooth Dongles.

Bluetooth technology can also be used to exchange data between two computers as long as the data being sent or receive is small.

Bluetooth technology in Car stereo system

The car stereo is Bluetooth enabled with Bluetooth technology integrated with the Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.

When these two devices are within range of communication they start the communication in a number of ways.

Depending on the model used, you can make and receive calls without pushing a single button or without pulling your phone out of your pocket.

The voices can be heard through the speakers of the vehicle. Some models need a few button pushes but they are simple to use.

We can also view information like phonebook, incoming calls, and call status on the panel of the stereo. The speaker will also turn down the music volume if there is any incoming call.  Then resume the song when the call is finished.

Some new Bluetooth car stereo systems can store the contact information and address book in your phone.  While others have inbuilt phones that copy all the information from your SIM card and takes over the calling function.

In this way, the cell phone is disconnected from the Bluetooth piconet which saves the battery power and also gives a strong connection.

Besides receiving and making calls.  A Bluetooth stereo system in your car can also enhance the environment inside the car by streaming music from your iPod or MP3 player.

You can also turn your vehicle into an entertainment center by streaming movies. Other devices like GPS navigators and USB flash drives are some common fixtures.

Bluetooth technology in Video games:

As this technology keeps on evolving, different manufacturers have started to use it. Video game manufacturers like Nintendo WII and Sony PlayStation 3.  Are all using Bluetooth technology to provide wireless controllers to their users.

The fact that Bluetooth uses radio transmissions is an advantage to video game manufacturers.  This means that there is no need to keep a clear line of sight between the devices.

Which makes the users experience the full range of motion when controlling the avatars of games.

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