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Will Weight Gain Shakes Help

weight gain shakes

Anyone who has spent any time in the Gym, knows weight gain shakes are a nutritional supplement that is usually made of proteins.

The shakes are a combination of different proteins that provide amino acids that your body needs to build muscle mass. The reason why they are made of proteins and not fats which would also add weight to you is twofold.

First, weight gain shakes are meant to be a healthy supplement for the body and not a cause for complications like heart disease. This means that direct ingestion of fats which would clog up the body’s arteries and veins is not advisable.

That might sound like a really stupid point to make.  Just think about the number of people that live off fatty fast food, the same thing.

Second, if you ingest protein shakes it helps the body to build normal tissues instead of fatty tissues. The goal of using these weight gain shakes is usually to enable the person using them to gain muscle mass and not just plain body fat, through diet supplementation.

using weight gain shakes

Weight gain shakes need to be supplemented

These weight-gain shakes are usually supplemented with a bit of carbohydrate and fat to increase the calorie count depending on the calorie intake that you want to achieve.

The reason for including carbohydrates and fats is to ensure that the body gets its normal energy supply. Once the body has met its energy needs quotient, the rest of the energy is converted into a form of energy storage in this case muscle mass.

An interesting fact about weight gain shakes that many people may not know is that Joe Weider was the first bodybuilder to see the direct link between protein intake and muscle mass. As the father of modern bodybuilding practice –he was the first bodybuilder to focus on definition and not just plain muscle mass; he helped pioneer the idea of raw protein shakes.

How do I use these weight-gain shakes?

Weight gain shakes are a product that must be used properly as per instruction. Failure to do so will only lead to the person getting fat instead of building actual muscle mass. You need a plan for these weight-gain shakes to be effective.

The foundation of your weight gain plan should be based on two things.

First, you need to have a clear goal in mind regarding the weight you want to achieve. This will help you decide how many calories you need per day to meet this target.

Second, you must remember that you must gain weight in a manner that does not stress the body.

This means that you have to stay within the medically advisable limit for weekly weight gain. This can be different for different people’s bodies but the typically recommended medically safe amount is usually about one or two pounds per week.

There are online websites that provide a calorie counter service to enable you to create a workable regimen.

A commonly used conversion rate for calorie intake to weight gain is an increment of 500 calories per day causes a proportional weight increment of half a pound per week. This will differ from person to person based on their metabolism so it is advisable to seek the help of a nutritionist or professional trainer.

An important tip to remember is that these will only work if they are used as a supplement to normal meals. They should not be used to replace the normal healthy food that you eat.

The idea is to space them out between meals. These weight gain shakes can be quite filling so it is best to take them as an in-between meals snack for best results.

What are the benefits of weight gain shakes?

The first benefit is that you will gain weight and not in the form of fat as is normally the case. The increased levels of proteins such as creatinine and other amino acids help the body to build lean muscle tissues.

This has been confirmed by a University of Maryland study that showed that increased levels of such amino acids were beneficial for the body. They enabled the body to convert the increased calories into lean muscle mass instead of fatty tissues. This is beneficial for the bodybuilder as they can achieve their desired weight much faster than before.

Another benefit is that the weight gain from these shakes is usually in the form of lean muscle mass. Any bodybuilder worth their salt will tell you how hard it can be to eliminate fat from the body.  Especially that last inch of fat that prevents definition from manifesting.

This is why these shakes are so beneficial. Combined with the right exercise they help the body to gain the desired muscle mass. This is why bodybuilders who are seeking to gain weight are advised to stay away from carbohydrates and fat intake.

Thirdly, it is much easier to calculate your calorie intake when you are using weight gain shakes.

The shakes are manufactured so you know, how many calories they contain in an average serving.

This makes it quite easy to stay within your calorie intake plan.

Furthermore, you can increase the amount of calories that you are taking in if that ever becomes necessary. All you will have to do is increase the serving size or choose a different type of weight-gain shake.

Flavours matter for taste

Fourth, protein in its natural form is not the tastiest thing in the world.  That’s why most weight gain shakes are flavored.

If you have a weak constitution. It can make it difficult to keep down the poor-tasting weight gain shakes.  So try flavored ones.

They range in all sorts of preferred flavors. Which ensures you are getting your calories in a manner that does not punish your taste buds.

Pro Tip for gaining weight

Every so often someone makes the mistake of thinking that all they need are these protein shakes to build muscle.

Stick to your hard-core training plan.  If your weight gain goal is lean muscle.

If you abandon your regular exercise routine.  All you will manage to achieve is discovering a new and more expensive way to become fatter.

It’s also good practice to seek the advice of a professional.  They might give you some secrets on how to combine the weight gain shakes with resistance training

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