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Do You Need A Full Home Gym?

Working out and keeping fit is a popular trend in the modern world. It is not just significant for people working at the office but also for that telecommuting. However, the biggest debate lies in whether one should always visit a commercial gym to work out or invest in a full home gym.

While going to commercial gyms has been a common option over the years, more and more people are now going for full home gyms. Especially with 2020 – 2021 being the years that they were.

Benefits of Investing in Full Home Gyms

Instead of going to a commercial gym to work out, having a full home gym comes with more benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Time Efficiency

We are all busy working several jobs to earn extra income, upgrading our knowledge and skills, and taking care of loved ones, among many other things.

Incorporating other crucial things such as working out only makes life more challenging. Since keeping fit and active impacts directly on our healthy, it is advisable to put convenient measures to help one work out while still attending to anything else requiring their attention.

This is where a full home gym comes in. Working out in a home gym saves time significantly. You do not have to waste your precious time packing your gym bag, driving through traffic to hit the gym, waiting in the long queues to use the gym equipment, and taking a shower at the gym, among many other time-consuming tasks.

One of the significant benefits associated with investing and using a full home gym is time efficiency and effectiveness.


It is common for one to skip certain workouts because life happened and something popped up that forced you into missing some workout sessions.

If you only work out in the morning before work, for instance, but wake up late on that day, you are probably likely to miss out on that day’s work out, especially if you hate working out in the evenings due to the huge crowd at the gym or evening traffic.

A full home gym gives one adequate flexibility to work out at the most convenient time, whether in the morning, daytime, or evening. A home gym is open 24/7, which means that you only work out when your schedule allows.

Your Full Home Gym Means Your Rules as Well

Do you hate working out due to the countless rules at the commercial gyms? Do not worry anymore, as a full home gym got you covered.

Most people have suffered critically under these rules in multiple ways, such as feeling controlled during training, limited training styles, compromised personal expression and performance, among many others.

Home gyms put trainees in control of everything ranging from the kind of outfits that you wear to the music you listen to (type and volume) and anything else that a commercial gym limits you from doing.

You are the boss, and whatever rule you make goes.

Home Gym Workouts

Great Equipment Selection

One of the most significant challenges that come with commercial gyms is the kind of equipment available. With a full home gym, you take time to determine your training needs before going into the market searching for the equipment that suits the same.

Commercial gyms are programmed to accommodate the general public’s needs.  Which makes full home gyms the best option for individual trainees.

As they take time to equip them with training equipment that suits their needs best.

These full home gyms offer you the ideal opportunity to customize them to suit your training style and specifications adequately, which means faster and better results.

Saves Money Significantly

While it is said that money does not buy happiness, it is undeniable that it can buy some of the best full home gym equipment.

By investing in this equipment, you save money in several ways. For instance, you no longer have to pay the monthly gym subscription, which tends to be costly.

Instead of paying the average $60 monthly and $720 annually to become a commercial gym member, you can use the same to build and equip a home gym over time.

After a while, when it is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, you can save the money you would have used on the subscription for other significant purposes.

Enhances Focus and Mental Fortitude

Even though they have been in place for many years now.  Commercial gyms come with one great challenge which is lots of distractions.

Anyone that enrols themselves in the same should be ready to deal with curvaceous girls in yoga pants to giant TVs on the walls.  With countless men flexing in the mirrors as well as quarter squatting powerlifters and geriatric aerobics classes among many others.

It is so easy to lose yourself in the midst of all the chaos that exists in these gyms if you are not careful.

If you are struggling with focusing on the sole reason why you are at the commercial gym, why nor invest in a home gym?

The latter eliminates most of these pestering diversions which offer a perfect opportunity for you to focus and work on how to achieve your training needs.

Working in a home gym setting helps you to build a rock-solid mental game by ensuring that you set your workout goals and work on attaining them in the least time without worrying about distractions as it would in the public gym.

Enhanced Hygiene and Cleanliness

Public or commercial gyms are germ cesspools and there is no refuting this fact regardless of their location or condition.

With hundreds and even thousands of members hitting the gym every day and touching every equipment that they find useful; it is almost impossible to keep everything perfectly clean regardless of how much a clean freak you may be.

Germs are easily transferred from one equipment to another ranging from the dumbbells to the training mats and everything else found in the gym.

While most gyms offer disinfectants to their clients, most people, unfortunately, do not use them. Instead of risking coming in contact with all the training equipment full of dirt and germs from the general public.

Especially if you are so cautious about your hygiene.  So why not invest in a home gym and maintain your standards of cleanliness effortlessly?

It is so easy to keep everything (training equipment) clean and tidy at home.  Than in a public gym that is used by hundreds and even thousands of people daily.

While it is so common to see people wiping down the workout benches and yoga mats among many other pieces of training equipment in the gym.  It is almost impossible to see anyone paying attention to the most used pieces such as dumbbell handles and cable attachments.

The public toilets, showers and sinks are among the other most neglected places in most of the commercial gyms. Why go through all this hassle and frustration if you can train at home and keep everything clean and tidy?

It Is Fun

Just like any other significant project, creating a home gym is fun and comes with so much pride and fulfilment.

To see the gym you have worked on for several months or even years come to life is something awesome.  Especially for people that love challenges and have been looking forward to the day they see the finished product of their effort.

It is so rewarding to stand before family and friends to show them what you have been working on, how you saved for the training equipment, went shopping and the entire process.

What’s The Crucial Training Equipment You Need for Your Full Home Gym?

Just like a commercial gym.  A home gym should also be equipped with all the necessary training tools and equipment to ensure instant and exemplary results.

There is some basic equipment that you must invest in when setting up your home gym, some of which are discussed below.

1. A Mat

It is one of the most important things that anyone needs to keep fit at home. These mats come in several types, with the most popular ones being the yoga and jump mats.

The latter is a bit thicker and suitable for more intense exercises such as core work and plyometrics. It can also double as a yoga mat if you prefer extra cushioning.

2. Resistance Bands

It is another core piece of training equipment for every home gym. They are not only highly versatile but also cost-effective and take up very little space.

They come in a range of resistance levels from the lightest to the heaviest, which creates a perfect challenge when training. Most of them also come with online workout videos to get you started.

3. A Jump Rope

Rope skipping is a significant activity for any training session, making jump ropes crucial investments for any home gym.

It is essential to consider fast, lightweight, and smooth ropes from the countless options available in the market.

4. Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells are great for anyone looking to break out of their bodyweight exercises all day. They can easily be stored anywhere, including under the bed.  The adjustable ones are great for adding a little heat to your workout routine.

You can easily go light or heavy with them depending on your mood or energy.

Other significant training pieces of equipment inevitable for any home gym include the workout bench, pull up bar, and kettlebell.

With a home gym, all your excuses are exposed.  You can no longer run away from working out and achieving your fitness goals.

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