8 Of the Best 80’s Action Movies

80's action movies

Maybe it’s nostalgia. Or maybe it’s just a misspent youth. But 80’s Action Movies were without a doubt the best action movies of any decade.

8 of the best 80’s Action Moives

Black Rain

Once upon a time, Michael Douglas was one cool son of a bitch, well he’s still a little cool.  Black Rain is a classic buddy cop movie made in 1989 with Andy Garcia.

They bust a Yakazu boss and have to take him back to Japan, lose him then tear up Japan trying to find him rain

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark

The first and without a doubt the best in the series Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s 2023 and he just made the 5th one.

Harrison Ford takes on the Nazi war machine while trying to track down the Ark of the Covenant.



Rambo – First Blood Part II

Sly Stallone at his best as Rambo, goes to Vietnam looking for American soldiers from the Vietnam War.  There is nothing like watching Rambo cut his way through hundreds of enemy soldiers.



Red Heat

A classic Arnie movie,  about a Soviet cop that goes to New York to track down a Soviet criminal,  Jim Belushi is the New York cop that partners with him.  Red Heat is Arnold Schwarzenegger at his physical best.

red heat

Lethal Weapon

In a classic Mel Gibson movie before he went crazy, he actually plays a crazy cop.  He partners with Danny Glover tracking down a drug smuggler.  Lethal Weapon is a classic 80’s action all the way.

lethal weapon


Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy at his peak, Plays a Detroit cop that goes to Beverly Hills to track down his friend’s murderer It’s a great blend of action and comedy. Beverly Hills Cop spawns 2 more sequels.

Beverly hills cop


1987 action classic, set in the near future.  Peter Weller plays a cop that is nearly killed in the line of duty.  He is taken in by a special department and turned into a Cyborg.  In turn, he seeks revenge on the criminals that tried to kill him.


Lone Wolf Mcquade

Chuck Norris has to make the list.  As a Texas ranger that goes after gun smugglers.  Lone Wolf Mcquade ranks as of the best Chuck Norris movies from the 80s.  Well, this one and maybe Missing in Action.

lone wolf mc quade

80’s action movies don’t get much better than these 8. They have all had sequels, and some have had remakes done. Either way makes for a great movie night with some popcorn.

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