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Massage Etiquette – 10 Rules To Follow For a Perfect Massage

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10 Massage Etiquette Rules

So, let’s get into how to make sure you get the most out of your massage.

First let’s look at the obvious, things you need to know before you rock up for your first massage experience.

Male or Female?

There are plenty of male masseuses out there that do a perfect job.  So, get over the whole not wanting a man to rub oil into your body for an hour.

They are doing the job that they are trained to do.  No, if you are straight and a guy is massaging you, that does not make you GAY.

It makes you a well-adjusted person that enjoys a decent massage.

If you have a female masseuse no you are not cheating on your partner. Again, it’s a professional doing their job.

Just stick to picking someone that makes you comfortable.

Massage Etiquette

Where do you find one?

 If you have a gift card, well that’s easy, your choice has been made for you.  If you are looking for a massage in your local area, Try google, or just ask friends if they know anyone.

There are a lot of people that offer massage services from their homes as a way of supplementing their income.

There are also massage therapists that offer mobile services.  Which means they will come to your home. You might pay slightly more, but the convenience is fantastic.

Make sure you have showered.

If you go straight from the gym to a massage, the fair chance is you might be a little stinky.  Let’s face facts no one wants that at all.

If you do physical labor before your massage time, make sure you have a shower so you are fresh.

A decent full-body massage will cover most of your body, including your feet and head.  So make sure your toenails are clipped and you have washed your hair within 24 hours before.

You don’t want to turn up wearing clothes that have last night’s tea spilled on them and you are smelling.

Make a time and stick to it.

Massage tends to work on 15-minute blocks.  So, if you make time, don’t turn up late, Chances are they already have a client booked in behind you.

Try to get there about 5 minutes early. So, you are prepped and on the massage table ready to go.

If you turn up 10 minutes late.  That’s 10 minutes that will take from your massage time.

Keep in mind their time is how they make money.

Turn off media

 Massage is as much about relaxing the mind as it’s about the body.

So, turn off your phones or tablets.  You don’t want to be 30 minutes into stress-free bliss and have your partner calling you to pick up milk.

It’s also a courtesy to the masseuse.  Trust me this includes vibrating.  Turn off completely and enjoy the moment.

Dress for success

This is where you need to follow your instincts and the instruction from the massage therapist.

Most massage therapists will give you instructions on stripping down and then leave the room so you can prepare yourself.

If they say strip down, and If you feel comfortable leaving your underwear on that’s ok.

Don’t feel obligated.  They will tell you if you leave your underwear on or not.

It’s easier for a massage therapist to work without having to worry about clothes.  But they are also really well trained to work around them.

Just don’t make it weird.  They will not laugh at your body.  They see plenty of flesh and different body shapes all day long.

Try talking to them

Clear communication is important.  They will often ask if the pressure is ok.  If you are wincing in pain, tell them.  A very hard massage can cause internal bleeding.

They do not want to hurt you.  They want you to relax.  Tell them if you have a tight muscle group. A lot of people store tension on their shoulders.  Tell the massage therapist about it.

If you have a body part that is funny to touch, tell them that too.

Nothing worse than if you have a phobia about people touching the back of your legs.  The first time a massage therapist touches you.  You scream in shock.

Some therapists like to work quietly. Others don’t mind chatting away.  So work out what you like.  It’s always fun to talk to someone new. You never know what you might learn.

Happy endings massage

If you are looking into a legit massage.  Asking for sexual favors at the end is the worst thing you can do.  You might find that your massage is caught short.

Now there is no judgment here either.  There are plenty of places that cater to Adult massage, also known as erotic massage.

Just don’t be a douchebag, and grab the masseuse’s hand put it on your crotch, and say ” how bout it “.  If that’s the type of massage etiquette you want, then google “adult massage near me”

Some men do get an erection when being massaged. Don’t be embarrassed, just relax and enjoy.

Just stick to the boundaries that the massage therapist has.  You will be fine.

Bodily functions etiquette

If you are relaxed and let a small fart out.  Just be polite and say please excuse me.

If you ate a bowl of chili the night before. Do not start gassing up the place.

Also, don’t make stupid jokes about pulling my finger.

It can happen when you are completely relaxed so just enjoy yourself.

If you need to pee, try to do that at the start before you start to get ready. Most massage places will have a toilet you can use.

If you need to go halfway through.  Then just say “Excuse me I need to use the toilet:  And go.

Massage Tipping isn’t a town in China

Tips are perfectly ok to leave.  Most places cater to credit cards. If you have a gift certificate you might want to carry some cash in as well.

Massage is hard work, so paying them for the services will be appreciated.

That’s it really simple 10 things to consider for massage etiquette, stick to the above and you will be fine.

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