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Do Guys Manscape ? – Why Yes they do !

do guys manscape

It use to be purely in the women’s domain, discrete hair removal.   Doing those underarms, maybe a mustache, bikini line, or legs.  But now guys are doing it as much as women, so let’s take a look at, do guys manscape.

do guys manscape

Manscaping explained 101

Manscaping is loosely defined as the removal of male body hair.

Let’s set the record straight, it’s no longer taboo.  Both women and men are having unwanted hair removed.

For guys hair tends to grow in unwanted places, with hair falling out or receding in other places, it s purely hormonal.

Manscaping can involve different techniques, such as using clippers or razors to trim or remove hair.

As well as utilizing specialized grooming products like shaving cream, aftershave, or moisturizers designed for men.

Why do guys manscape?

Well, fellas do it for a couple of reasons,

It feels better

For the hairy amongst us,there is nothing worse than, sweating when hairy.  It also can help with skin irruptions.manscaping guys

It looks better

Guys with hairy shoulders, just look wrong. a quick trim or laser treatment can fix that right up.

There are so many reasons for manscaping.  From personal preferences and aesthetics to hygiene, comfort, or cultural expectations.

Some individuals choose to manscape to achieve a specific style, reduce body odor, improve hygiene, or enhance their self-confidence.

It’s not just about ego, well maybe a little to do with it when you are on the beach.

Ways to manscape

In times gone past, it use to be just a  facial beard shave, to keep looking smooth.  A bit of shaving cream a bic razor and a few minutes in front of a mirror and you are done.

There are a few ways you can achieve that perfect smooth beach body you wanted.

Manual Razor

Yes, it’s old school, either wet or dry. you run the risk of ingrown hairs,


Wax spread over the area and then ripped off by a strip. Watch a 40-year-old virgin if you think waxing is the right way to go.

Hair removal cream

Plenty of these products are now on the market, from Nads or Nair.  Basically, these types of hair removal fall into the Chemical area.

Chemical depilatories weaken keratin in the hair so it loosens from the follicles, and can be wiped away.

Laser hair removal / Electrolysis

Both of these methods are classed as permanent hair reduction,

Laser removal works with concentrated beams of light,  Electroylyis transmits energy of heat directly into your follicles to stop them from growing new hair.

The wash-up

So yes guys do manscape.  It’s simple and relatively painless these days.  Spending money on yourself so you can look and feel good is a great is a good investment.

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