How to Choose an Electric Shaver

In writing and researching this article, and currently being in my 40’s.  I remember being given my first electric shaver as a birthday gift at about 15.  Thinking back about it, I might have used it half a dozen times and threw it in the draw, sorry mum.  However, I’ve since learnt how to choose an electric shaver, read what I have learnt below.

As technology changed and developed so did the Electric shaver.  These days there is a wide range of makes and models on the market.  So when comes to choosing an electric shaver it can get a little daunting.

There are a lot of things to consider these days when you choose an electric shaver. Don’t get confused we are talking about face electric shavers, not clippers for other parts of your body.

Blokeworks wanted to give you this handy guide so you would know how to choose an electric shaver.

How to Choose an Electric Shaver

How to Choose an Electric Shaver

Jump online and start searching, or just drop into your local shaver shop. you can spend hours and probably some money trying to find the perfect electric shaver and still get it wrong.

Here’s everything we think you need to know about how to choose an electric shaver and get it right every time.

The Popular Electric Shaver Brands

The brand of electric shaver is a great place to start. And with so many big names in the electric shaving market, you can bet that not every shave is created equal.

  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Panasonic
  • Remington

Are just some of the most well know electric shaver brands on the market.

That’s where we recommend you start, with a well-known brand.  By choosing a trusted and reputable brand you can pretty much guarantee if something goes wrong you will be covered with a warranty or even a replacement guarantee, as well the build should be quality every time.

Usually, once you try a few brand name products, men generally start to favour one brand over the other and this mainly comes down to the past success we’ve had with that particular brand.

I know I like Samsung product purely because of the good run I have had with Samsung smartphones.

When it comes to choosing an electric shaver, here is some market data to consider:

        • Philips is the leader in the rotary shaver market
        • Braun rules the market in the foil shavers.

Rotary V’s Foil Electric Shavers

There are two categories of electric shaves

Foil Shaver

Electric ShaverA foil shaver is made of a thin, curved metal foil that covers a cutting blade.  The foil is designed to glide over you the contours of your face, as you move it back and forth.  The stubble is cut as it pokes through the perforated foil.

Foil shavers really suit the guys with a shorter, thinner beard who are looking to want to get a close shave every day.

If you have delicate and sensitive skin or suffer from razor burn, then a foil razor is the one to go for, they also tend to be less harsh on the skin as well.

If you have sensitive skin ( I do), then make sure you are using a quality shave preparation product and your shaving technique is spot on.

Rotary shaver

Choosing Battery Electric shaverHas three or four round heads which move easily in a circular motion around your features. Cutters spin below the heads as they move over the face, cutting the hair.

These types of shavers are suited for guys that have longer stubble who don’t want to shave every day. This was the type of razor I had as a gift, which is why I probably didn’t last with it, it was the wrong Electric Shaver type for me,

They are best suited to coarse or medium beards and tougher skin.

Charging Electric shavers

There are three main types of powered electric shavers you can choose from, mains powered, battery operated or rechargeable.

With batteries technology being the way they are these days.  You get some amazing life out of a single charge cycle with your shaver, however, you still need to charge them.

Most of us are constantly on the move, so anything that can provide flexibility and convenience to shave anywhere is awesome,  this is where rechargeable shavers are ideal.

Keep in mind, batteries do wear out, so battery life may become a problem if you need to recharge it frequently.

Yes, there are battery operated shavers on the market that are specifically designed for travel.   These designs are more for the occasional use and are not as cost-effective for guys that are in a 9 to 5 job and want to regularly shave.

If you need to keep buying batteries, the cost does add up so make sure you budget for the expense.

Wet Vs Dry Shaving With A Electric Shaver

This took a bit to get my head around, but something you need to consider when choosing an electric shaver is wet shaving versus dry shaving.

Dry shaving is exactly that, shaving when dry, its fast, clean and most men prefer it as its the pinnacle of easy shaving.

There are a few electric shavers on the market that can be used dry or wet

Wet shaving, is when you use a shaving gel or foam which give you the best of both worlds.

Panasonic has a great range of dry and wet technology for electric showers, There are some models that you can take into the show. But the do not stand up to being submerged in water.

Tip : Never take anything that has mains power into your shower or bath.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure, you don’t want to put a dry shaver into a wet application.  It’s a great way to burn your electric shaver out.

Manual Clean Vs Cleaning and Charging Stations For Your Electric Shaver

Just like any tool you use, cleaning is important for caring your electric shaver. All brands will have instructions about having to maintain and care for your electric shaver after use.

Men are inherently lazy, but doing it regularly means it a quick job, and will improve the life of your electric shaver.

A lot of the latest models have a built-in clean and charging station so they clean themselves.  All you need to do with this model is to place it in the base unit and let it work its magic.

Keep in mind there is an additional cost for cleaning fluids and cleaning cartridges. You also need to remember to change them regularly.

But honestly, it’s a hassle-free way to keep your shaver clean and hygienic.


How Much do You Want to Spend on your Electric Shaver

So, whats the budget.  This is where you need to be mindful, Electric shavers vary in price from $50 – $500 AUD.  In that price range, the quality and functions of an electric shaver will vary greatly.

You need to make sure you look after your investment if you maintain your electric shaver, its worth spending the extra money.

You only need to look at what a manual blade razor refill costs you per month, to see how long it will take to pay back the Electric shaver investment.

To keep your electric razor working for years to come, you need to budget for some repairs and maintenance costs as well.

So when looking at the budget, keeping mind the cost for things like cleaning fluids, batteries spare arts, replacement blades

Just remember when you choose your electric shaver that every electric shaver is different but the same fundamental rules always apply.

Always go for quality, there is truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”.  It also can take time for you skin to adjust to an electric shaver so just stick with it.

Some brands will offer a returns policy, so don’t do what I did and throw it in the draw after a few tries.

So there you go, our guide for how to choose an electric shaver.  There are plenty of fantastic models out there.  We plan on doing some more specific product reviews on actual models as well.

If you are unsure where to start, talk to your mates.  Start asking them if they use an electric shaver, see what their thoughts are.

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