She’s Judging – Are you Worthy of her ?

she's judging you

Couple on a dateMen the world over face the same dilemma, Shes judging you, whether you are worthy of her or not.

It’s an unfortunate truth, no matter what country you live in. Sure there are several different cultural differences.  But at the heart of it, she’s judging you.

Back in the cavemen days it was who had the biggest club, or wore the fanciest fur.  As time progressed, it into the medieval ages.  It was more about who had the biggest heard, or the biggest hut.

Modern days, it’s all about WEALTH or STATUS, who can pay the bills.  who provides the most security.

The question is should you judge her. ?

The simple answer is yes, you bloody well should.  Generally, as modern days have rolled around, men have become submissive to women.

Men have stopped being the man of the household, and have become a whingy, soft weak bunch of pussy whipped pansies.

Here’s how to identify if you fit into the category.

How does she talk to you?

There is a big difference between being talked to and being talked at.  To illustrate.

Being talked to.

Hi, how was your day, did you have any trouble closing the Smith account at work?

Being talked at.

The words you are using are wrong, you should say blah blah blah.

She questions your decisions.

You decide to buy a cheap, convenient car. because that’s what you have budgeted for.

She pulls apart your decision and asks what the hell you thinking, she won’t be seen in a car like that.

You defer to her at all times.

You decide to make a career change, you ask if that’s ok.  – Blokes to be plain and simple here, it’s not her business what you do.  Is she dating you or a paycheck?

If you can identify with anything of the above points, then yes you are a pussy whipped pansie.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well, you have a few choices here.

Firstly Man up.

No, This doesn’t mean slapping her and telling her you’re the man, she’s the woman. Shes judging you, but you don’t have to be a meat head.

It means being firm with her, and telling her, that the decision you’ve made is considered, and you do not need her approval at any stage.

No this does not mean, you sign you both up for additional debt, without her knowledge.

Will it work,

This one is a little hard to navigate, you need to ask yourself a really hard question. “Will it work” between you both.

Maybe she’s heads above you, maybe she’s a little cray cray.  either way, you need to make the decision and get out.  Make the tough decision and call it a day.

What do you really want?

If you want to live by the beach and sell ice creams for a living. then that’s great do it.  But what does she want, if she wants to live in a house in the burbs?  then it will not work unless you are prepared to compromise.

In summary

I hope that this helps you a lot. if you can see similar patterns in your own relationships, then maybe you should get the hell out now.

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