The Meaning of Roses

Meaning of roses

OK, so this might be a kind of girlie thing, but we wanted to give you some tips about Flowers.  Yeah Yeah, we know what you are thinking gay shit.

But as guys, a fantastic go-to present we give to girls is flowers, and in particular roses.

But, trust me for girls everything has a meaning for everything we do.

So you need to make sure you know the meaning of roses that you are giving your girl.

So here’s the go-to guide for the meaning of roses.

roses and the meaning

What do real roses really mean

Red Roses

Says Sincere love, respect, courage, and passion

Dark-red roses

Says “unconscious [unrecognised] beauty”

A Single Red rose

Simply says to them “I love You”

Red Roses and White Roses

arranged together says unity, while the leaves symbolize hope.

Coral or orange roses

Says enthusiasm, desire, and fascination

Hybrid tea roses

Says, “I will remember you always:

Lavender roses

Are for love at first sight and enhancement

Deep-burgundy roses

Also, say “unconscious [unrecognized] beauty”

Deep or dark-pink roses

Are for gratitude and appreciation

Light-pink roses

Are for admiration sympathy, grace, gladness, and joy

Pink Roses

Say happiness gracefulness and gentleness

Red and Yellow Roses

Say jovial, upbeat, positive, and happy feelings.

Rose Bouquet

Says gratitude

White roses

Say purity, heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence, and charm

Yellow roses

Says joy, gladness friendship, and “I care”

Yellow roses with red tips

For friendship and falling in love.

So there you go, then the meaning of roses spelled out for you.  Now don’t be a douche, put some thought into the next time you buy your girlfriend a gift of roses.

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