How to Increase Muscle Mass

Increase muscle mass

It really is one of the most asked questions by anyone starting out at the gym, “How do I increase muscle mass”.

Depending on your vintage, you might have grown up watching Arnie Swachezznegger or Sly Stallone on the big screen.  If you are a little more modern, it might be beefcakes like Chris Hemsworth or Vin Diesel.

It doesn’t matter what your inspiration is, or why you are in the gym.  The secret to increasing muscle mass is actually really simple …..

Hard work 

There is so much information out there now.  So many people want to know the secret or shortcuts to increase muscle mass.  But god’s honest truth is, it’s just hard work on all levels.

muscle mass

So now you know the secret that people selling you a $49.95 per month fitness APP, aren’t telling you.  Let’s deep dive into what hard work, trying to increase muscle mass looks like.

Heavy Resistance training

If you’re starting out in the gym.  Start small and stick to 10 – 12 reps, at least for the first 6 months or so.  You want to allow your body time to adapt to being made to change.

As you process, you want to be lifting consistently heavy weights, in the 6 – 8 rep range, and yes to failure. Failure means your muscle gives out, or you use a spotter for the last 1 – 2 reps.

Sets somewhere between 3 – 4.

Don’t be scared to change your routine often, every 3 – 5 months.  It’s about keeping your body guessing, and not getting stale.


For gym rats starting out, it’s more about changing habits than really trying to dial in on Nutrition.  Start dropping out hollow carbs, ie. forget Mcdonald’s.

Start eating clean and healthy and stick to whole foods.

Whole grains, whole foods, and eating big.  Pick a diet that works for you.


Now this is the interesting thing, always try for 8 hours.  Fit in a nanny nap in the afternoon if you can.

The whole idea of what you are doing is tearing your muscle down.  Then fuelling the growth it needs with Sleep and nutrition.


Cardio can be used to increase muscle mass.  Yes we said it, use it as a warm-up, you don’t want to be trying to run marathons.  Let’s face facts we’ve never seen a muscular marathon runner.

Thats is, hard work and breaking it down into manageable step.  Is the easiest way to increase muscle mass.   Talk to a personal trainer at the gym.

Just start on the journey.  You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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