Eating Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

eating healthy foods for weight loss

Deciding to lose weight is the beginning of a journey of lifestyle changes and enlightenment on what is good for your body and what is not. Often times it’s the things that are exceptionally bad for the body that we tend to love. Unhealthy food has been proven to be quite addictive, such as sugar-sweetened foods and beverages. However, these addictions can be overcome with dedication, focus on your end goal, and a community of supportive individuals cheering you on to victory. In this article, we’ll focus on what healthy foods are, the types of healthy foods, and the benefits of sticking solely to healthy foods.

What Are Healthy Foods

Healthy foods can be defined as natural foods that have high nutritional content and have qualities to improve your overall health, both mental and physical. Healthy foods are most commonly referred to as food items in their most natural state, which have undergone little or no processing.

Processing food items tends to remove important nutrients from the items, reducing their nutritional density, and leaving the items mostly as carbs. When you make the decision to eat healthy, you should note that most processed foods (if not all) will be cut out of your daily diet.

You may moan about being unable to do so, but after a few weeks your body will re-adjust, and you will begin to reap the benefits of eating healthy foods to lose weight.

Healthy foods occur naturally, and some refer to them as “real food”, because of how much your body gains from their consumption.

Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

One problem that has been persistent in the world of nutrition and fitness is how to eat to lose weight stay healthy and receive adequate nutritional doses.

Some people tend to favor a certain food group over another, making claims that they are the healthier option and help you shed pounds faster.

After in-depth research, scientists have narrowed down a list of highly beneficial foods that help individuals lose weight and stay healthy, and they span most of the food groups.

It is important to note that all food groups serve a specific purpose in the body, and no food group should be completely cut out of your diet.

While some are better consumed in lower quantities, and others in higher quantities, the key to eating healthy to lose weight is to find the balance between both sides to achieve your goal.

eating healthy foods for weight loss

Healthy foods which provide you with adequate nutrition, and help your weight loss goals include:

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are very beneficial to the body during the weight loss journey, as they are packed full of nutrients, but are very low on carbs and carbohydrates.

When eating to lose weight, it is advised to keep the carb consumption minimal to enable your body to shed the built-up fat as energy.

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chards are filled with fiber, and help your body stay fuller for a long period of time to prevent constant hunger and food binges.

They are a must-have on your food itinerary and should be prioritized. The great thing about leafy greens is you can eat as much as you want to feel full without worrying if they will set you back on your weight loss goals because they won’t.

Whole Eggs

Unfortunately, in the past decade, eggs have been vilified in the world of science and fitness and purported as the main cause of various bodily disorders. However, the conduction of new research falsifies those claims, and the egg is being returned to its former glory.

The whole egg is an important food to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. It is nutritionally dense and packed full of protein and healthy fats.

Research shows that those who eat an egg don’t eat as much in the next 36 hours.

It fills you up and prevents you from getting hungry too soon and snacking on things your body does not need.


The avocado is one fruit that was specially crafted to help you lose weight and maintain it. Unlike other fruits which have high glycemic indices, and could cause spikes in your blood sugar level, the avocado is not like that.

It is packed with healthy monounsaturated fat and water which keeps your blood sugar levels moderated, and provides you with your daily dosage of healthy fat that will help you shed the unhealthy fat.

Lean Meat

Proteins are important in any weight loss diet, as their excess does not get stored in the body as oxygen and is excreted from the body immediately.

They have the ability to fill your body up and prevent you from getting hungry too soon. This is why lean meats and also chicken breasts will be great additions to your weight loss diet plan.


When eating healthy to lose weight, the key thing is to look for the food items that provide you with high returns for little investment.

Take the nut as an example. It is nutritionally dense, offering you protein, healthy fats, and other vitamins that are important for your body.

Yet you do not have to consume them in high amounts to get what your body needs. This is why nuts are a good option for weight loss, and can be incorporated into your daily meals or taken as a snack in-between.

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