Are You Too High Maintenance For Him

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high maintenanceGirls, if you are single and have been that way for a while, there is more then a fair chance you could be too high maintenance for him.  To be blunt, men are simple creatures, a bit like cattle dogs, you give them a command and when they complete it, you pat them on the head, and give them a treat.

If you are making it to hard for a man, they will run away from you like crazy,  and no I  am not saying  to act like a 1950’s house wife, and cook and clean for him.  I am saying STOP BEING HIGH MAINTENANCE.

What’s being High Maintenance

If you criticize his every decision – IE. He buys a car cheap car that he can afford, as that’s what he budgeted for.  And you start pulling apart that decision.  It is emasculating.

If you criticize  the way he hold a wine glass – It is emasculating, and makes you look like a control freak.

If you continuously stick him with the bill – That’s just being a cheap bitch.

You get the message, its being unreasonable when all you should be is reasonable.

You do not need to compete with a man

Believe it or not, as women, we have the upper hand at all times. We are different from men at all turns, we are emotionally based, we are soft and squidgy, we are nurturers. To put it simply Men aren’t

It’s how you decide to treat and interact with a man that will make all the difference, in weather you relationships move forward or tanks quickly.

Do you think you jump tall buildings

Its a mistaken belief, to run around thinking you can jump tall buildings, and are prepared to leave a trail of destruction behind you.  Its great to be self aware, but you really need to have situational awareness, be mindful of how your actions affect things around you.

I am women hear me roar.

The suffrage movement is over, so is the burn the bras.  Most countries both developed and developing have had female prime ministers.

The tip here, is to let it go, let men be men and you get busy celebrating being a woman.  Trust me when you do , it can be the best thing you ever do to help your relationship.

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