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Do Guys Manscape ? – Why Yes they do !

do guys manscape

It use to be purely in the women’s domain.  Discrete hair removal, you know doing those underarms, maybe a mustache, bikini line or legs. But now guys are doing it just as much as women, so lets take a look at do guys manscape ?

do guys manscape

Manscaping explained 101

Manscaping is loosely defined at the removal of male body hair.

Lets set the record straight, its no longer taboo. Both women and men are having unwanted hair removed.  Its actually become so popular now that its spawned a Billion dollar industry.

Unfortunately for guys, they tend to grow hair in unwanted places, with hair falling out or receding in other places, it’s purely hormonal.  Essentially excess hair growth is caused by an increased level of male hormones (androgeris).

Why do guys manscape ?

Well, there can be several reasons that fellas do it:

Women love it

93% of women have voted that they prefer men that manscape.

It just feels better

For the hairy guys amongst us there is nothing worse then, sweating when hairy. It also can help with skin irritations.

It looks better

Guys with hairy shoulders, just look wrong. a quick trim or laser treatment can fix that right up.

manscaping guys

What ways are there to manscape ?

It times gone past, it use to be just a facial beard shave, to keep looking smooth. A bit of shaving cream a Bic razor and a few minutes in from of a mirror and you are done.

But as technology has improved, so have the ways the you can remove unwanted hair.  There are a few ways you can achieve that perfect smooth beach body you wanted.

Razors – Manual/Electric

Yes its old school, either wet or dry shave. You run the risk of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and hairs can grow back thicker then before.  Learn How to Choose and Electric Shaver


Wax gets spread over the area then ripped of by a strip. Watch 40 year old virgin if you think waxing is the right way to go.

Hair removal cream

There are plenty of these products out there now on the market, like Nads or Nair hair removal cream.  Basically these types of hair removal fall into the Chemical area. Chemical depilatories weaken keratin in hair to it loosen from the follicles, that can be wiped away.

Laser hair removal / Electrolysis

Both of these methods are classed as permanent hair reduction, Laser removal works with concentrated beams of light, Electrolysis transmits energy or heat directly into your follicles to stop them growing new hair.

hair removal

What sort of money do I need to spend Manscaping

No matter what method you want to do, it will cost you money.  With razors you will need to buy new ones as the old ones wear out.  Same with Wax or creams the hair will grow back, you will need to keep spending money.  Laser or Electrolysis is a permanent hair reduction, it will cost you for maintenance sessions.

You can spend anywhere from $20 for a decent razor to $200 for a laser hair removal session.

So to answer your question, yes guys do manscape, its simple and relatively painless these days.  These days men want to look their best, so spending money on yourself so you can look and feel good is a great is a good investment.

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