How To Ask Someone Out

how to ask someone out

Meeting people online is easy, but knowing how to ask someone out that you like can be more complicated. Many websites will allow you to meet that special person. Many dating sites exist, and Facebook can also be a popular medium to meet other people.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are attempting to communicate online with the person you want to date. Knowing just how to ask someone out is very important.


Simple Tips for Asking Someone Out on a Date

The key thing to remember in communicating with an individual that you’re looking to date is that you must be respectful with your words. Don’t start online messaging or texting them all of the time as you will annoy them. Be respectful of their time.

Messaging as a friend to get to know the person better is fine, but if you message the other person too frequently, they may get frustrated. Also, do not send lewd pictures or request lewd pictures.

Currently, sexting abounds in our culture. However, if you are seriously going to be asking someone on a date, it is best to keep lewd photos to yourself.

Do not talk about controversial subjects. These subjects can include religion, politics, or other world views. Keep the conversation light and fun, and try to center the conversation around the other person.

How to keep them interested

If you think you may have some of the same interests as the other individual, you may wish to discuss such interests. Getting to the point of asking someone out requires that you get to know some things about them. Ask them what kind of activities they enjoy participating in, the type of coffee they like, what foods they like, etc.

Ask them if they enjoy general hobbies, such as skiing, golfing, playing basketball, etc. Other good questions can include what kinds of shows they like to watch on the television, what their major was in college, what their favorite subjects were in high school, etc.

You’ll also want to communicate your likes and dislikes, but again, try to keep the conversation mostly centered around them. You’ll find out a lot about your love interest that way.

When and how to ask someone out

Knowing how to ask someone out at work can be trickier. It is best to develop a strong work-based friendship before asking someone from your workplace on a date. It may be best to wait until the end of the workday to talk to someone about going out with you.

This ensures that your work life and your dating life aren’t interfering with each other. Again, you’ll want to try to get to know the person as a friend for a bit before you try to go in for that date request.

Asking someone on a date via email can be an appropriate medium at times, but texting isn’t the best method to use to ask someone to go out with you. Texting tends to be a little too informal and symbolizes a lackluster effort.

Try to keep an email request for a first date straight and to the point. Make sure to state what type of date you’re asking them to go out with you in your email. For instance, if you’re asking them to a coffee place, let them know.

If you’re wanting them to go out with you for dinner and a movie, state that in the email. Letting them know the location of the date can help them become more comfortable with the thought of dating you.

Also, try to make sure you pick a day and time that works for them. Many people lead very busy lives, and they need to know the exact day and time of the requested meeting for them to work it into their schedule. Be sure to ask them if that day and time will work well for them so that they’re not rushed on the first date.

It’s not that hard to ask someone out

Asking someone out sometimes isn’t as difficult as actually planning the first date. You’ll want that day or night to be special and memorable, but you don’t want it to be overly romantic. Going on a date to an upscale coffee shop or the Starbucks around the corner can make for a great first date.

Playing a nice game of golf on the first encounter can also be memorable. If they are into sports, going bowling or playing tennis may also work.

First-date ideas that work

Try to cater your first date to the other person’s interests. Having a first date doesn’t have to mean going to dinner and seeing a movie, but those things are also a possibility. If you do want to see a movie with the person you asked out, try to ask that person what genres of movies they like before you purchase movie tickets. This way, you’ll be sure to cater to your date’s preferences.

Set the mood for the date

Whatever you do, try to keep the mood airy and light. Don’t get overly attached to the person. It is always a nice gesture, however, to offer to pay for their cuisine if you take them to dinner or to pay for their coffee if you take them to a coffeehouse. Depending on what you think is appropriate, it may be best to hold off on that first kiss until another day or night in the future.

Follow up on the date

Once you have been successful in asking someone on a date, you may want to ask that person on a second date. There is an important step you should take before asking the individual on another outing.

This step is the follow-up step. You’ll want to contact the person a day or two after the first encounter to tell them how much you enjoyed the date and that you hope they’ll be available to go on another outing with you in the future.

This step ensures that you are kind and courteous and also gives them a chance to offer any feedback, be it negative or positive, about the first date. If they’re truly not interested in going on another date, they will either respond negatively or ignore your communication.

If they are interested in another date, they’ll likely try to tell you what day and time works best for them to go out with you again.

It can be confusing and somewhat frustrating at first when you are trying to figure out how to ask someone out but try to have confidence in yourself. Just remember that almost every person, at one time or another, has been in the position of being scared at the thought of asking someone on a date.

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